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Men’s Health

Men’s health starts with a conversation about testosterone, the primary male sex hormone in the body. We have known for sometime now that many environmental factors…

Escaping the Brain Drain

Dr. Adrian Ward explains how smartphones can sabotage concentration—even when they’re turned off—and what you can do about it.

Medical FAQ: Don’t Let it Go to Your Head

Did a headache blow your mind? Have you postponed a list of things to do because a migraine decided to strike? AFM looked to Austin Precision Pain Consultants and Austin Migraine Relief to learn more about this mysterious pain, and how it can be eased. Grab a tall glass of water and read below, if your brain is feeling up to it.

Medical FAQ: Birth Control

When it comes to female contraceptives, reactions run the gamut. Some women stick to the same method for years without a problem, while others experience a…

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