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By Justin Simon & Tony Lauretta – September 1, 2017

Men’s health starts with a conversation about testosterone, the primary male sex hormone in the body. We have known for sometime now that many environmental factors play a role in maximizing serum testosterone in men, which include a healthy diet, good sleeping habits (no more 2 a.m. Netflix binges gentlemen), and limiting stress. Furthermore, regular exercise and weight lifting can help maximize serum testosterone levels, and improve a man’s overall health. Here are four reasons your Physical Therapist is the perfect health care provider to help you maximize your manliness.

Comprehensive screen of the Musculoskeletal system. Physical Therapists are experts of movements, and a good PT will perform a comprehensive screen of major muscle groups, along with joint mobility of the entire body. Joints need to be able to move through an established range of motion (ROM) to maximize muscle function. Your PT will identify and address any relevant impairments or loss of ROM to minimize risk of injury as you build strength. 

The foot bone is connected to the knee bone. This concept is known as regional interdependence and in some sense does matter. PT’s have a host of standardized objective and measurable tests to determine how your body works together, while identifying any major asymmetries. The Functional Movement Screen, Selective Functional Movement Assessment and Y-balance test are all tools which can show relevant movement impairments. As you progress through a treatment regime, these tests can be re-administered to show objective improvement.

Power muscles need support. Many olympic lifts require exceptional “form” to be performed safely. A spine without muscles will fail with as little as 2 newtons of compressive force. Elite powerlifters can safely put 17,000+ newtons of compressive force through the spine due to their highly trained deep stabilizing muscles. A good PT will evaluate the strength of these deep muscles, and train you to use them in positions required to add muscle to your body.

Exercise Fads feel Bad. We have all made a New Year resolution to get fit. We then buy a video series and don’t make it past the second week. Exercise fads ASSUME a high baseline fitness level. Your PT will safely progress you to a level of strength and fitness required for competent exercise at your home and gym. Injuries are a major barrier to adding muscle and maximizing testosterone, and are best prevented, rather than treated. Your PT will help you achieve your overall movement and fitness goals related to strength.

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