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Healthy Helpings

Exercise is recommended to maintain a healthy body, but research shows that it’s also beneficial for an astute mind. A study published in The Journal of…

Medical FAQ

May is Stroke Awareness Month – How much do you know about this medical condition?

Work Like a CEO, Look Like a Model

The “work hard, play hard” lifestyle is sought after by many, but attained by very few. These executive bio-hacks help you fit exercise and healthy habits into a busy workday.

Safe Travels

International travel starts with good planning. Before packing a single suitcase, it’s important to consider the health risks associated with different countries. So, making a trip…

Painless Travel

We’re cautious to prevent injury when exercising or competing, but seldom do we consider it during travel. With the immense growth Austin has seen, a regular…


Austin Fit was all ears as we listened closely while Dr. Emmy Wu of Capital Otolaryngology informed us about the best way to take care of our sound-sensitive organs.

Healthy Helpings: January 2016

The Journal of the American Medical Association published new findings that fewer early-stage cases of prostate cancer are being detected. However, that’s not necessarily something to…

Get Paid to Play

If the staggering, long term effects of obesity and the metabolic conditions associated with excessive weight gain have not persuaded us to eat healthier, we still…

What's in the Water Part II: Myth Busting Scary Animals and Plants

In the March issue of Austin Fit, we discussed the worst water-borne infections people could catch from swimming in local lakes. We also explained how rare they are and gave tips on how to avoid them altogether. This month, we turn our focus to more common, but less dangerous, animals and plants living in the water, and how to deal with them. Next month we’ll review half a dozen local bodies of water where swimmers can practice.

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