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Welcome to Sam’s hot sauna! Home of straight talk without the B.S. Open and frank advice on matters ranging from practical to taboo. Topics of discussion include fitness, nutrition, and sex—so ask Sam now!

Bee’s Knees Energy Bowl

Ingredients: 5 oz Coconut Water 2.5 oz Acai (frozen blocks) 2 Bananas (frozen) Toppings to be added at your discretion: Honey Sliced Seasonal Fruit Cacao Nibs…

Asparagus Collard Wraps Recipe

Get your greens in with this low-carb vegetarian wrap! We move into spring in March—when our energy starts to increase and our bodies crave fresh plant foods. Grab these veggies at the farmers market, and get wrapping!

Seven Ways to Beat Burnout

As we slide deeper into 2018, the gusto you had ringing in the new year might be starting to feel more like a distant memory. With lingering cold temps and long nights, burnout can feel imminent this time of year. The good news is there are ways to mitigate before the match is fully lit. Here are some ideas for falling back in love with life and rediscovering the zeal with which you started the year.

Healthy Living
Leadership Through Love

Claire Siegel is the Lead Dietician of Snap Kitchen, the healthy meal delivery service, and Haley Robison is the CEO of Kammok, Austin’s beloved outdoor gear company. Even with their demanding professional careers, these two Austin women also make time for relationships, self-care, travel, and fitness. How do they manage to do it all? We sat down with them to find out.

Is Avocado Toast the Perfect Meal?

You’ve likely heard about the avocado toast craze, but why has this simple meal turned into a cult-like movement? Find out why nutrition science proves that it’s more than just an Instagram-worthy trend.

Healthy Living
The Way The Cookie Crumbles

There aren’t many things better than indulging in a freshly baked cookie. ‘Tis the season of basking in the things we love—including all things sweet and sugary. Prepare your sweet tooth And your taste buds, because this month, we’re sharing the best cookies in Austin.

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