Clean Eating Made Easy. Introducing Gardencup.

By Sponsor: Gardencup – November 25, 2021

Say hello to Gardencup, a prep-free, go-anywhere salad experience that makes it easier than ever to eat (and live) better. 

Nowadays, we’re surrounded by the synthetic—heavily processed foods made with overly refined ingredients, produced on a massive scale for broad consumption—which has rendered clean, conscious eating difficult and inconvenient by comparison. But while these processed foods and production methods make it easy to eat on our terms, what we’re eating isn’t always natural, especially when we’re in a hurry! We may feel full on-paper, but we’re left feeling unfulfilled where it really matters. 

Because clean eating goes beyond basic nourishment, and it always has. It boosts our energy and our immunity. It balances our mood. Most times, it puts a smile on our face. Simply stated: Clean, conscious eating provides the kind of benefits that processed foods simply can’t. 

So we asked ourselves a series of wild questions: What if the “convenience” barrier didn’t exist? What if clean eating was as easy as eating junk…or easier? And what if we could make it taste just as gratifying? 

Then, we created the answer: Gardencup.

The concept itself is simple: We deliver six-pack assortments of fresh, ready-to-eat salads straight to your door. Shipped out the same day they’re hand-made in our own kitchen, each Gardencup is made fresh with the highest-quality ingredients, which means one delivery stocks your fridge with deliciously natural meals for 4-5 days. Want to set up and customize a delivery schedule that works for you? No problem. We offer various subscription options that fit perfectly into your own life, so you can put replenishment on auto-pilot and never think twice about healthy meal-prep.

But it’s simply not enough to make clean eating more accessible. We also went above and beyond to make it totally mouth-watering. Our menu currently features nine scrumptious Gardencup options, from classic Caesar and Southwest to the unique Applegreen and Strawberry Spinach, so you can enjoy a variety of more than 70 fresh-cut, natural ingredients with each order. 

Suddenly, the path to clean eating feels shorter, less complicated, and quite a bit more exciting. Imagine opening your fridge and looking forward to a week’s worth of fresh leafy greens and hassle-free meals. That’s the world we want to live in. 

We do all this because we believe in doing the right thing for ourselves and for those we love, and in making it easier for everyone to believe the same thing. Convenience and clean eating shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, so we’ve made it our mission to bridge the gap and deliver a simpler way to eat better. Welcome to the Gardencup life.


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