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By Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy – September 1, 2019
Brian Fitzsimmons

Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy is a multisport training center that combines expert coaching with cutting-edge facilities. AASA features an outdoor 50-meter pool, a 5,500 sq. ft. indoor training space, 11 Wahoo Kickrs and even an onsite running loop. AASA is also the home of Austin Swim Club, a year-round competitive age group swim team.

AASA specializes in triathlon training, Masters swimming and strength and conditioning. Its goal is to provide athletes with a personalized experience that includes individual goal-setting, small group training, state-of-the-art equipment and a professional coaching staff. AASA is a one-stop training destination for aspiring and elite athletes.

Masters Swim Workout

AASA Masters swimming is a great way to stay motivated and accountable in your swim workouts. All workouts are led by one of AASA’s accredited swim coaches. The Masters swimming workouts are for intermediate to advanced swimmers. Swimmers are grouped into lanes based on varying intervals. Average workouts are between 3200-4000 yards and consist of pulling, kicking, drill work, freestyle and stroke work.

Warm Up

10 sec rest between each distance

  1. 1 x 400 freestyle
  2. 4 x 100: 50 kick / 50 swim (choice with or without fins)
  3. 4 x 50 swim descend 1-4


(three rounds)

3 x 50 on 1:00

  1. 25 kick with right arm extended / 25 right arm pull
  2. 25 kick with left arm extended / 25 left arm pull
  3. 25 scull / 25 swim

Main Set

  1. 1 x 300 pull + 1 x 200 swim + 5 x 100 swim
  2. 1 x 300 pull + 1 x 200 swim + 3 x 100 swim
  3. 1 x 300 pull + 1 x 200 swim + 1 x 100 swim

300’s = smooth on base

200’s = descend 1-3 on base
(build legs x 200)

100’s = descend x groups (3 = pace faster than 5, 1 = pace faster than 3)

Cool Down

1 x 200 easy social kick

Strength and Conditioning Workout

AASA’s strength and conditioning classes encompass total-body strength training including, barbell work, kettlebells, TRX bands, weight sleds, versa climbers, rowing machines, weightlifting movements and more. Classes run on a 4-8 week training cycle that begins and ends with testing specific lifts and movements. AASA’s testing assessments allow each athlete to see individual improvement and show what progress has been made relative to initial testing.

Warm Up

(three rounds)

  1. 5 x back squats w/barbell (no weight)
  2. 5 each x alternating lunges
  3. 5 each x side lunges
  4. 10 x jumping jacks

Main Set

Six rounds:

  1. 5 x back squats with barbell, trying to increase weight each round (three seconds lowering of the weight down and keeping your speed on the way up)
  2. 5 x squat jumps (explosive)
  3. 20-second hard plank (position on forearms, pull arms against ground into abs to create as much tension as you can)

Three rounds:

  1. 6 each x rear foot elevated split squats (hold dumbbells at sides)
  2. 10 x med ball slams (as powerful as you can)

Eight rounds:

  1. 25-meter sled push (working on speed versus load)
  2. 30 seconds rest after each push and repeat

Cycling Workout

AASA’s cycling classes are unique in that you can bring your own bike and ride in the air-conditioned gym. AASA’s training space features 12 Wahoo Kickrs for people to hook their own bikes into, or four stationary watt bikes for those without a bike. The cycling classes are led by one of AASA’s elite triathlon coaches, are one hour and 15 minutes long and cover anywhere from 17-24 miles depending on bike wattage.


Each athlete has done a 20-minute functional threshold power test (20 minutes max effort) to establish a range of resistance (watts) to work in different energy zones. If you are unable to do an FTP, you can estimate your 20-minute max effort.

Warm up 

10 minutes, gradual increase from 55 percent to 65 percent of FTP, gradually increasing pedaling cadence to 90 rpm

2 minutes easy cycling

Main Set

(four rounds)

  1. 4 minutes climbing from 85 percent to 105 percent of FTP, starting with higher cadence of about 95 rpm
  2. 45 seconds easy pedaling
  3. 6 minutes steady state riding at 85 percent of FTP
  4. 45 seconds easy pedaling
  5. 1 minute effort at 110 percent FTP
  6. 2 minutes easy pedaling between sets

Cool Down

5 minutes easy pedaling


AFM Discount

Mention you saw us in Austin Fit and receive a 10
percent discount on your first month’s membership.
Valid 9/1-9/30/19.

Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy  |  512.276.2324

5513 Southwest Parkway

Coaches and Models

Masters Swim Coach: Nate Chessey

Strength Coaches: Hayley Krzeczowski and Miles McGriff

Strength Models: Mallory Buscemi and Blake Hooper

Cycling Coaches: Jenn Reinhart and Paul Matthews

Written by Jeanie Joseph


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