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Must-Try Ethically Sourced Hammocks

With little to do during COVID times, try swinging your worries away while relaxing in a hammock and soaking in the change of the season. Hammocks…

AFM john howard peter craig
Exploring the Powers of Your Mind

Your mind is like a muscle, meaning it’s possible to broaden your mind’s powers in order to improve capacity, ability and skill. Capacity refers to the…

What You Need to Know About Blue Zones

There have been five locations around the world deemed hot spots, or “Blue Zones”, where people have been known to live the longest. Here’s what you…

A “Crow-nection”

The Austin Crows unite culture, physical achievement and community in the ultimate sport. Texans pride themselves on their reputation of having country roots and resilient grit.…

Fit X Family
Raising a Fit Family

After the birth of their first child, Christophe and Patricia Ponsart ran a triathlon together. Then they did it again after their second kiddo, and yet…

Running Austin

Austin’s annual Ascension Seton Marathon has grown to become the 25th largest race in the United States. Elite runners from all over the world flock to…

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