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Lifting Weights and Swimming Competitively Are No Problem after Chip’s OVOMotion with Inlay Glenoid Shoulder Implant
May 25, 2022
Chip Taylor is a retired dentist, current gym owner and timber farmer. He loves CrossFit, sculpting in bronze, and hunting with a traditional longbow. He’s also a competitive swimmer and one of his favorite...
How to Capitalize on Your Time in the Water
May 6, 2022
It’s about to get really HOT out there! There’s no time like the present to submerge yourself in some refreshing H2O. And while you’re at it, you can burn calories and tone up all...
How to Get Creative and Engage New Muscles
October 1, 2021
Maybe you’re a dedicated gym rat who never misses leg day, or maybe you’re a newbie just now finding your momentum. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you might need to...
What Comes After 50? Nationals.
August 1, 2021
During the hot Texas summer, swimming is on everyone’s mind. One step outside and you are aching to take a leisurely dip in a nearby body of water for some cooling relief. But for...
Workout of the Month
September 1, 2019
Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy is a multisport training center that combines expert coaching with cutting-edge facilities. AASA features an outdoor 50-meter pool, a 5,500 sq. ft. indoor training space, 11 Wahoo Kickrs and...
In the Water Year-Round
July 31, 2019
It’s the last Sunday in June, and the North Austin Aquatic League’s CHAMPS Swim Meet is buzzing at the Micki Krebsbach Swimming Pool in Round Rock. Competing for the Westover Wild Orcas, 11-year-old Kate...
Workout of the Month
June 30, 2019
Swim Workout at the YMCA According to the Centers for Disease Control, an average person can burn 250 calories by swimming laps for 30 minutes at a moderate pace, and more than 800 calories...
Top Five Cliff Jumping Spots
June 18, 2019
Austin might not get as much attention on Instagram as some of the cliffs or beaches one would see in Hawaii or Australia, but don’t underestimate your home town. Tucked away in the corners...
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