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Kicking Off AFM FITTEST Moves

It's Go Time! How to Press Your Play Button

Dr. Tim Zeddies explains the mental side of making difficult physical-and lasting-changes.

What’s in My Bag?

AFM took a peek in this Ironman triathlete and indoor-cycling instructor's gym bag to see what makes up his workout "must haves."

Reader Transformation Stories

Read about readers who transformed their health and fitness

How to Take on the Scale in a Healthy Way

What to do about managing your child's weight

Making New Routines

How to introduce changes into kid's lives

Taking on Adventure to Become Phat Free

Friends make a commitment to get fit during their busy lives.

What Inspires Your Swimming?

How to think about how you swim

Everyone Needs Premium Fuel

Why everyone needs great food and great fuel to feel great.

Ten Ways to Start Fresh While Ringing in the New Year

Ironman, Coach, Role Model

Even after many struggles, Reinhart just keeps coming.

Fit Focus: Hanging by a Fingertip

Send active photos for a chance to be published.

It's More Than Just the Lycra

How to become a true cyclist

AFM Field Trip: Castle Hill Fitness Kickboxing

Who’s Leading in the 2012-2013 Austin Fit Magazine Distance Challenge

Take a look at the current leader board for the 2012-2013 AFMDC.

Nine Tips to Sustain Your Exercise Plan in 2013

Sports psychologist Tim Zeddies gives some common strategies for making successful lifelong transformations.

Five Ways to Make A Change—And Make it Stick

How to stick to your new year's resolutions and make a lasting change.

Searching for higher ground

Teresa Valdez shares her story of her experience in a Kenyan training camp.

Food to Fuel Your Resolutions

Some fuel packets to jump start your new year.

75 Miles for 75 Years: Pictures and Stats

Taking A Quick Look at Gastric Bypass Surgery

With obesity on the rise in the U.S., many are looking to gastric bypass surgery for help. Is it right for you?

Shifting Strides

How a beginner progresses to become a runner

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Warm up on a cold January day with a bowl of hot and delicious chicken tortilla soup.

Page from the Pro’s Book

How to get big results with small steps.

Resolutions and New Starts

Making resolutions that will honor your body and be realistic.

It's Wintertime in The City

Tips for helping navigate exercise during cold weather.

Exercise and Aging

How to use Pilates to slow down the effects of aging.

The AFM Annual

Check out AFM's "Best Of" for 2012 in all categories of fitness and wellness.