AFM Field Trip: Castle Hill Fitness Kickboxing

By Sarah Schneider – January 2, 2013

As you all may know by now, Austin Fit takes (fairly) regular field trips to various Austin fitness locations. From paddle boarding to yoga, Pilates to circuit training, we do it all! AFM's latest endeavor, however, was Amid's Cardio Kickboxing class at Castle Hill Fitness.  While I think we can all agree that we got a great work out with Amid, check out the staff's reviews below to find out exactly what everyone thought.

Alex Earle

I’ve heard many good things about the infamous Amid at Castle Hill Fitness. A former employee of AFM and a very close friend always told me he put together the best group fitness classes.  Finally, our day came, and we had the opportunity to get a good ole’ butt-kicking with his cardio kickboxing class. From the moment you meet Amid, you think Energizer Bunny, but like a ripped out version that knows karate and can motivate you. So, be prepared. It doesn’t stop until he’s done. Don’t worry though, he’s in it with you, going through the motions, supporting you start to finish.  It’s that kind of dedication you want from your trainer, and your gym. I was sore for a week, and it felt damn good! Overall, I highly recommend Amid and the CHF gym for anyone looking to get their butt-kicked, but in a beneficial, “I’ll be stronger, leaner, happier” kinda way. : )

Sarah Schneider

You know those work outs where in the middle you kind of want to die, but after it's all over you feel AWESOME? Well this was definitely one of those work outs! Amid didn't hold back when it came to this cardio kickboxing class. We started with a few hill runs, and didn't stop until our last ab reps (just ask him about the "Beyoncés") If you're expecting a typical kickboxing class with a couple of punch/kick combinations, don't. This class is all about mixing it up, and Amid made sure we always on the move! Amid's energy was infecting, and my soreness the rest of the week was a constant reminder of the great work out I got at Castle Hill!

Weston Carls

Amid’s advanced cardio kickboxing class was so challenging and fun. I thought I was going to crumble to the ground, but Amid had such high energy and a positive approach to his training that it motivated me to push until the end. There really is no stopping in this class. We started out with hill sprints for the warm-up, then into the kickboxing room which allowed for everyone in the class to have their own punching bag. I thought it was really cool how Castle Hill Fitness designed this particular workout room to fit the needs of the class. My favorite part of the workout was when we ended with the “Beyonce abs” exercises, yet my hips still don’t move like hers! I highly recommend challenging yourself this year with cardio kickboxing with Amid!

Jessica Lynn O'Brien

I'm speechless.


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