Food to Fuel Your Resolutions

By AFM – January 2, 2013
Brian Fitzsimmons

Small packets that pack a punch

1. Bearded Brothers Energy Bar,, $2.25

Wholesome, healthy, and handcrafted here in Austin, these energy bars are vegan friendly, gluten free, and made with organic ingredients such as dates and raw almonds.

2. Pure Energy,,

$2 (Wal-Mart only) or$45 (per case)

The small bottle packs a punch of natural caffeine and vitamins in a USDA-certified organic, naturally sweetened, two-ounce energy shot.

3. Supercandy,, $2

Sometimes you just want some candy, so why not go for some high-quality, natural-ingredient-laden gum, tarts, caramel, gummies, or beans as a quick snack and a guilt-free treat?

4. Lemon Organic Honey Stinger Waffle,, $1.50

Organic honey combined with lemon gives these waffles a light taste; 160 calories make them perfect as a snack or quick breakfast.

5. Honey Stinger Energy Chews,, $2

The Lime-Ade flavor is caffeinated and contains vitamin C; with ten chews in each pouch (160 calories), they can be used for energy during activity or as a snack with benefits.

6. Acai and Pomegranate Energy Gel,, $1.50

Lots of racers like a gel for quick energy; these have 100 calories with 24 grams of carbs PLUS a certified organic list of ingredients.

7. Meal Bar, the, $3.25

This meal replacement bar contains real stuff (vegan, 100 percent plant-based, non-GMO, certified organic) that simply tastes amazing.

8. Be Kind Plus,, $1.99

With ten grams of protein, Be Kind Plus packs a nutritional boost for bones, muscles, and skin—and fills you up.


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