August 2015

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Spice Up Your Sport

8 tips to help you fall in love again

Healthy Bits

Run, ride, and rock climb at this 4-mile long peninsula surrounded by the (recently restored) waters of Lake Travis

Benefits of Being a Brand Ambassador

Camaraderie, discounted gear, and free marketing make athlete sponsorship a win-win situation

Backpacking Basics

How to get set and ready to go on your first wilderness trip

Does Weight Matter?

A review of the evidence on each side of the fit vs. fat argument spectrum

13 Books You Need on Your Nightstand

How To Start A Fitbit Competition

Stay connected, set goals, and encourage friends and family to stay on track with their healthy habits

46 & Ripped

Feeling young and living longer is far easier than you think

Workout: Push It!

Challenge your pushing movements with this circuit workout

Anatomy of a Pose: Eagle to Toppling Tree

Challenge your alignment and core strength with these fun, compression- and balance-based asanas

New to Austin

Studios and stores for fitness-minded folks

Off the Clock

A look at those who invest in kids when school’s not in session

Pilates for the Ages

Making 65 the new 35


Meet the individuals and teams who left all their hard work and sweat on the field to be crowned the fittest athletes in Austin

Panzanella Salad

An untraditional, savory and satiating twist on the traditional leafy greens

Discover! — Pace Bend Park

Run, ride, and rock climb at this 4-mile long peninsula surrounded by the (recently restored) waters of Lake Travis

Best Served Cold

Try these three gluten-free, cream-free sweet treats on for size this summer

FAQ - August 2015

Your health and fitness questions. Our answers.

The Most Delicious, Locally-Based Coffee Brews in Austin

Our staff may have gotten into a bit of trouble with this assignment. If trouble means running around the office, jittery from jolting down more sips than necessary of some of the most delicious, locally-based coffee brews in Austin. Yeah, we like trouble.

Soak In The Summer Sun (Just Not Too Much.)

In addition to boating and barbecues, summer is high time for sun poisoning and heat exhaustion

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