3 Tips for Detoxing Your Feet

By Kara Reynolds – September 21, 2022

Recovery is just as important as training when preparing for a race or another demanding physical activity. Waste products can build up in your muscles when you exercise, and proper recovery is crucial to detoxify those muscles and repair them.

Whether you’re walking, running or jumping, your feet help you work out and get your best body. Here are three tips for detoxing your feet to help your muscles recover.

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Vibration Therapy

Many fitness gurus have been praising targeted massage guns, and there’s a good reason. Vibration is an excellent tool for encouraging lymphatic drainage, allowing toxins to drain from your muscles.

This type of therapy is nothing new. Dr. Gustav Zander created a vibration therapy machine in the late 1800s. Dr. John Kellogg created a vibrating chair to help bowel issues. While these methods were far from perfect, they helped pave the way for modern vibration therapies that increase circulation, deliver nutrients to muscles and wash out the lymph nodes.

Vibration has even been found to increase osteoblasts, which help build up bones. For this reason, NASA uses vibration therapy to help astronauts recover from muscle loss.

So, next time you get back from a workout, consider giving your feet some good vibrations.

Ionic Foot Bath

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Indulging in a foot bath has been a relaxing spa day tradition for years, but an ionic foot bath can also have great detoxifying benefits for your feet after a workout.

A common treatment in holistic healthcare settings, ionic foot baths are designed to balance your pH, effectively helping eliminate toxins. There is a misconception that the changing color of the water shows released toxins. In truth, a reaction between saltwater and electricity causes it. However, there is evidence that these foot baths have pH-balancing properties and can improve muscle health.

Ionic foot baths are a relaxing way to cleanse your feet muscles. If you don’t want to make the trip to a holistic spa, you can enjoy an ionic foot bath at home with a few ingredients:

  • 1 cup of sea salt
  • 2 cups of baking soda
  • 1 cup of Epsom salts

After soaking your feet in warm water to open your pores, add these ingredients to the water and dissolve them in boiling water. Once the water has cooled enough, place it into a tub and soak your feet.

Drink More Water

Athletes already know the importance of staying hydrated before, during and after a workout, but you may not know how drinking water helps detox your muscles.

When you do intense exercise, lactic acid can build up in your muscles and cause lactic acidosis. This is usually a temporary condition, but it doesn’t feel very good. One way to prevent this condition is to drink more water. The water will flush away any excess lactic acid, detoxifying your muscles.

It’s important to note that if you experience symptoms of lactic acidosis such as burning, stomach pain or fast breathing, stop your workout. If the symptoms continue, seek help from a medical professional.

Detoxing Feet for a Better Workout

Taking steps to detoxify the muscles in your feet can lead to an easier post-workout recovery and help you maintain your training routine. You need your feet to function well, especially when challenging your body with intense exercise. Show them some love and they will love you back.


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