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How to Treat an Ankle Sprain
May 30, 2022
My wife and I recently spent an afternoon exploring the parks in downtown Austin. We walked along the river and listened to live music on the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge. The city felt alive and...
How to Recover From Addiction With a Pet
March 10, 2022
Think of your worst possible day—not for too long, but just think about what it might look like for a second. Had enough? Now think about that day, but picture your pet being there...
Recovery From Surgery: Everything You Wanted to Know But Didn’t Ask
February 17, 2022
Regardless of whether or not the surgery is planned, if you are having surgery, you may be interested in learning how you can heal and return to work and the gym faster. Overall, recovering...
Seasonal Allergies in Pets
January 18, 2022
Do you know that 70% of your pet’s immune system cells reside in their gut? The immune system is the body’s day-to-day defense against anything unfamiliar, such as bacteria and other immune-challenging concerns. The...
Mitochondria: The Powerhouse of Anti-Aging
January 6, 2022
Almost everyone educated in the American public school system remembers the iconic phrase: “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.” While this is typically used as a punchline or meme about useless information...
You’ve Been Diagnosed with Wrist Arthritis, Now What?
December 13, 2021
Perhaps you’ve had trouble opening jars lately, gripping a tennis racket, holding on to a broom or a cup while taking a sip of water. Does your wrist throb, swell, or feel tender and...
Everything You Need to Know About Cupping Therapy
July 1, 2021
If you’ve been curious about this wellness modality, you’ve come to the right place. Cupping is a great modality for both chronic pain and anxiety. No matter what kind of cup you choose to...
Wellness FAQ with Sonex Orthopedics
October 1, 2020
AFM: What is Shockwave Therapy and why is it a better alternative than surgery? Vieira: Shockwave Therapy is formally called Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy. It uses high energy acoustic waves to treat numerous musculoskeletal injuries;...
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