The 5 Best Cooking Classes for Kids in Austin

By Shannon Lawlor – February 24, 2023

Cooking is not only a viable life skill; it can also be a form of art — one that can keep kids entertained during school breaks or after class. 

Many educational programs in Austin offer cooking classes to help children learn how to cook, bake and follow recipes. Cooking classes are a great way to get kids involved in a fun educational program, all while learning practical life skills. 

We compiled a list of the best Austin-based cooking classes for kids. Each program ranges from fun decorating classes to convenient digital summer camps.

Bake Austin

Bake Austin

Credit to Autumn Sproles

Digital instruction offers great accessibility for kids to learn in the comfort of their own homes, and Bake Austin provides just that. Learning from home can be easier for students who want to work with their own tools, and they get the opportunity to become more familiar with their household’s kitchen space. Chef Pascal Simon, the owner of Bake Austin, leads these virtual baking classes for children. Kids from across the country can enroll in these digital courses, giving children opportunities to make friends with culinary friends from different states.

Foodie Kids

If you’re looking for a program that offers year-round cooking classes, Foodie Kids may be the right program for you. Foodie Kids provides kids with holiday workshops as well as cooking camps in the summer and spring. The skills kids learn at Foodie Kids are unmatched; in fact, five alumni from this program appeared in the “Food Network Star Kids” television competition. So, if you’re looking to learn some competitive cooking skills, this may be the place for you.


Cooking classes aren’t only great for teaching kids valuable technical skills to use in the kitchen, but they also help reinforce academics and social skills for children. Lori Hinze, founder and executive director at CookLearnGrow, uses cooking to help kids build social skills, life skills and self-confidence. She founded the company to help students develop food literacy, an important skill for a child’s future independence. Her food literacy program is used by both schools and individual families. Classes are currently offered in four different locations: Austin, Houston, Dallas and Seattle.

Kitchen House Austin

Kitchen House Austin.

Courtesy of Kitchen House Austin

Kitchen House Austin offers cooking classes for age groups between 5 and 16 years old. These courses build on kids’ skills, offering education on nutrition, math and science skills. They also offer cooking camps, holiday workshops and even cooking classes for private parties. At these classes, kids can not only learn something new but have fun cooking food to enjoy afterward. 

Sticky Fingers Cooking

Sticky Fingers Cooking focuses on introducing young kids to healthy recipes. Kids can enroll in their after-school enrichment program or register for one of the private parties, in which they can learn valuable cooking skills. They focus on incorporating different subjects — such as math, geography, reading, time-keeping and more — into the learning experience. Not only will kids be having fun, but they’ll be learning valuable skills and information, too. Sticky Fingers Cooking focuses on providing schools or groups with cooking classes. Enrolling or working with Sticky Fingers Cooking means partnering with a cause as Sticky Fingers Cooking also provides scholarships to families experiencing homelessness. They also work with over 100 nonprofits. The program covers Colorado, Illinois and Texas.

Cooking gives kids the opportunity to develop independence as well as valuable life skills that will help them in the long run. Plus, you may even find that enrolling them in these classes makes them even more ecstatic to help out in the kitchen at the next family meal time! Whatever the result, cooking is a unique way to educate children both in skill and life.


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