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Prevent, Recognize & Treat Heat Stroke
September 1, 2021
Texas heat is no joke. With temperatures ranging from 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit this summer, the risk of a heat stroke rises exponentially. Although common, heat stroke should not to be taken lightly...
Wellness FAQ with US Cryotherapy
November 1, 2020
AFM: What is whole body cryotherapy?  US Cryo: Whole body cryotherapy is a brief, cold shock treatment using sub-zero temperatures to stimulate the nervous system producing powerful pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and endorphin boosting benefits!...
Wellness FAQ with Sonex Orthopedics
October 1, 2020
AFM: What is Shockwave Therapy and why is it a better alternative than surgery? Vieira: Shockwave Therapy is formally called Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy. It uses high energy acoustic waves to treat numerous musculoskeletal injuries;...
The Importance of Slowing Down
April 9, 2020
As the clock reaches 8 a.m., basketball practice begins. Students from the University of Texas rack their balls and gather around their coach. Geoff Rich, assistant professor of practice in the department of Kinesiology...
Heart Disease: Risk and  Prevention
February 1, 2020
How to make your heart healthier and stronger.
Sonex Orthopedics
November 1, 2019
We all want to stay fit but sometimes we get slowed down or stopped by overuse injuries or osteoarthritis. The good news is that Sonex Orthopedics, Austin’s High and Low-energy Shock Wave Therapy specialists,...
Electronic Cigarettes are…Especially Dangerous
October 1, 2019
Not long ago, it was clear for people to see the areas that were designated for smokers and non-smokers. Nowadays, with cigarettes going from smoke to vapor and from burning to electronic — those...
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