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Ambassador’s Corner: Orangetheory at South Lamar
August 1, 2022
Hello, AFM! Today, I’ll be covering my workout at Orangetheory. Despite running two marathons in my life, I still don’t enjoy cardio more than lifting heavy things. Knowing the emphasis Orangetheory places on cardio,...
How Neal Bendesky Transformed His Body and Life
July 1, 2022
Being asked if you’re Santa Clause can bring up many mixed emotions. For Neal Bendesky, it was his pivot point. On October 12, 2015, a young boy innocently mistook 57-year-old Bendesky for Santa Clause....
Workout of the Month: With Orangetheory
May 1, 2022
WHAT IS THE ORANGETHEORY WORKOUT? WHAT CAN PEOPLE EXPECT WHEN THEY COME TO CLASS? The Orangetheory workout is a 1-hour, heart rate-based, full-body workout for all fitness levels. It is an affordable small group...
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