Top Essentials You Should Always Have in Your Gym Bag

By Astrid Crystalyn – March 1, 2020

There’s nothing worse than going to the gym and realizing that you’ve forgotten to pack something crucial. After getting to the gym or even after working up a sweat, the last thing you need is to be reaching for something in your bag only to find that it’s not there.

To prevent this dreaded scenario, here’s a checklist of our top gym bag essentials to make sure that you’re ready for every situation that comes your way:

A foolproof pair of leggings

There’s nothing like a pair of skintight leggings that can get you through your workout. You’ll need a pair that allows ultimate mobility, hugs you in the right ways. Many pairs out there also come with pockets so you can carry any necessary accessories around the gym with you.

A versatile tank top

Tank tops are great for the gym. They are stylish and also help you to be able to see the muscle groups you are working while doing those bicep curls. Throw one over your sports bra for a high-powered workout, or sport it as athleisure wear for brunch with your friends.

A classic flannel shirt

Of course you need more than just gym clothes in your bag, especially if you won’t be going home after the workout. Flannel shirts are easy to throw on and come in a variety of colors and patterns to complement any outfit – including being worn over gym clothes. This attire will have you entering and leaving the gym looking stylish. Alternatively, you can also wear it during your workout if the air conditioner has been turned to Arctic levels.

A pair of comfy sneakers

If you’re an avid runner, you’ll know the true value of sneakers to prevent injury and help you perform at your peak. For cross-country runners, we suggest Nike’s Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2s due to their springy ZoomX midsole. They come in a black and white ombre colorway that’s sure to go with any and all of your gym essentials.

A light snack

Sometimes, a tough workout can leave you feeling drained and even a little dizzy. As well as keeping hydrated, it’s a good idea to pack a light snack to get your blood sugar back up. There are plenty of protein-rich on-the-go snacks to help build your muscles even more.

A dependable water bottle

It seems obvious, but you should never forget a water bottle. While most gyms do sell bottled water or provide paper cups, you should do your part for the environment and bring your own bottle.

A pair of Bluetooth earphones

If your new year’s resolution is to stay focused on your workout and avoid small talk at the gym, perhaps it’s finally time to invest in a new pair of Bluetooth-enabled earphones. Without the added interference of wires and cords, these will ensure that you finish your workout strong and proud.

Last note: We know that staying stylish at the gym can easily drain your wallet, so make sure you take care of your stuff by following our post on how to make your gym clothes last.

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