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How to Give Back Monthly This Year
January 10, 2022
Is your new year’s resolution to give back to your community more in 2022? Well, here is a way you can give back each month of the new year.  January: Donate Blood  Extremely important,...
15 Ways to Support a Nurse During COVID-19
January 1, 2022
Nurses and other healthcare professionals have it hard. As challenging as managing daily life is, they have to do it on top of caring for patients and risking burnout during the pandemic every day....
Keeping Austin Fed
November 1, 2020
Austin is a city packed with an eclectic cuisine scene. With everything from vegetarian farm-to-table to world-class smoked ribs, Austin has it all. It’s rare to have such diversity of high-quality food, and it’s...
Skip Swiping, Try Volunteering!
November 1, 2020
As we move into the winter and holiday season, it is common for many people to experience lower levels of mental health. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, “64% of people with...
Giving Back Through Fitness
November 1, 2020
Many athletes will race with the goal to break their personal records and compete to get the gold. However, there is a significant number of athletes who compete and/or engage in fitness, not just...
Keeping Austin Trails Clean
November 1, 2020
In the morning on a couple of Sundays a month, a group of Austinite runners gather along one of the many trails in the area — not to run or make their new PR,...
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