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Shine Bright Like an All-Star: Photobiomodulation for Athletes
November 9, 2021
Athletes all around the world are constantly on the hunt for the right tools to increase their athletic performance.  It is obvious that the best athletes can no longer dominate their sports with simple...
Running Austin
February 1, 2020
Austin’s annual Ascension Seton Marathon has grown to become the 25th largest race in the United States. Elite runners from all over the world flock to experience the route that takes them by some...
Wrap It Up
January 1, 2020
Sure, it looks cool but what exactly is the purpose of applying tape? There are different types of tape and different uses for athletes.
Athlete Spotlight: Cynthia Salazar
December 1, 2019
Cynthia Salazar never dreamed she would have the opportunity to run an international race. As a local Austinite working full time and owning her own physical training business, at 40 she decided to compete...
Your Pet’s Nutrition
November 1, 2019
Living a fit and healthy lifestyle includes regular exercise, being active and understanding proper nutrition to fuel your body and give it the energy it needs to get you through each day. Humans, for...
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