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FAQ: September 2014

Are a pull-up and a chin-up basically the same thing, or are they different? Should I be doing both when I go to the gym? A:…

Travel the World with Your Fork

Americans are lucky to live in a country with a melting pot of cultures, and this includes some amazing food from all over the world. Many…

Spicy Squash Medley

What You Need (Servings: 6) 1 ½ tablespoons olive oil 3 medium zucchini/summer squash, cut lengthwise and then crosswise into semicircles ½ onion, chopped 3…

Running to Race

Summers are hot, and most runners tend to find themselves struggling to even get out of the door. For some who train with Trail Roots, gearing…

New to Austin: September 2014

Snap Kitchen This Austin-based eatery isn’t new; in fact, there are now six locations here, seven in Houston, and plans for a Dallas-area expansion in…

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