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Train Like a Pro

For an athlete, one injury can completely change the trajectory of his or her life. Jeremy Hills is a prime example of that. During his senior…

Workout of the Month: Athletic Outcomes

Athletic Outcomes is Austin’s boutique gym providing functional fitness and modern athletic recovery, focusing on personal training and group classes. Owned by Dr. Brittaney and Pat…

Influencers in Fit Biz

John Howard and Peter Craig Austin Professional Counseling | 512.469.0535 Hear them on the Ready Set Love Podcast John Howard and Peter Craig are psychotherapists…

What’s Cooking?

On April 6, 1938, Dr. Roy J. Plunkett made a discovery that completely revolutionized consumer plastics industry. Plunkett created the now trademarked, man-made polymer known as…

Exclusive or Inclusive?

As the skyline of Austin evolves, so should its businesses. This also goes for those in the business of selling fitness and health. One recent report…

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