October 2019 Articles

Seven Benefits of Adding a Fitness Room to the Workplace
October 28, 2019
If you’ve been considering adding a fitness facility to your workplace, what are you waiting for? Work exercise programs make healthy habits convenient for employees. Employers reap the rewards of less stressed, more productive...
How to Manage Mobility Issues in Seniors
October 21, 2019
As we grow older, we expect to face some sorts of issues in terms of mobility — our joints will ache more, our muscles will be more stiff and we might find managing everyday...
How To Survive All Three Days of ACL
October 9, 2019
Austin City Limits is by far one of the greatest events the live music capital of the world has to offer. Big-name artists mixed with art, pop-up shops and local eateries make for an...
Electronic Cigarettes are…Especially Dangerous
October 1, 2019
Not long ago, it was clear for people to see the areas that were designated for smokers and non-smokers. Nowadays, with cigarettes going from smoke to vapor and from burning to electronic — those...
Train Like a Pro
October 1, 2019
For an athlete, one injury can completely change the trajectory of his or her life. Jeremy Hills is a prime example of that. During his senior year, Hills broke his leg while playing football...
Influencers in Fit Biz
October 1, 2019
John Howard and Peter Craig Austin Professional Counseling AustinProfessionalCounseling.com | 512.469.0535 Hear them on the Ready Set Love Podcast John Howard and Peter Craig are psychotherapists who specialize in helping their clients thrive in...
Workout of the Month: Athletic Outcomes
October 1, 2019
Athletic Outcomes is Austin’s boutique gym providing functional fitness and modern athletic recovery, focusing on personal training and group classes. Owned by Dr. Brittaney and Pat Cook, AO is all about training hard and...
What’s Cooking?
October 1, 2019
On April 6, 1938, Dr. Roy J. Plunkett made a discovery that completely revolutionized consumer plastics industry. Plunkett created the now trademarked, man-made polymer known as Teflon, or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The waxy solid was...
Youth Sport Specialization: Filling the Gaps in Youth Athletic Development
October 1, 2019
Sports specialization is defined as intense, year-round training in a single sport with the exclusion of other sports. Let’s face the facts. Early specialization is here to stay for various reasons whether we like...
Exclusive or Inclusive?
October 1, 2019
As the skyline of Austin evolves, so should its businesses. This also goes for those in the business of selling fitness and health. One recent report by WalletHub ranks Austin as the #14 city...
What is Comprehensive Wellness?
October 1, 2019
We throw around terms like optimal wellness, holistic and integrative care, wholeness of body, mind and spirit and human optimization, but what does comprehensive wellness really entail? It is now well-established in the scientific...
Siete Family Foods
October 1, 2019
In a city where taco trucks line the streets and Tex-Mex restaurants can be found at every corner, it’s no surprise that foods such as tortillas and tortilla chips have become commonplace in our...
Wellness FAQ: Eye Health
October 1, 2019
Q: If my vision is fine, do I need to worry about my eyes? A: Yes. Many eye diseases cause no physical symptoms (no eye pain, pressure, discomfort), especially in their early stages, so...
Pedaling Along With Aaron Ross
October 1, 2019
Sporting white pants, vintage Nike shoes, a colorful 70s-esque-style polo and a gold trucker hat that says, “Hey Darlin,” pro BMX rider Aaron Ross’ personality is almost perfectly manifested through his style of clothing....
Training On Tour
October 1, 2019
You wouldn’t typically think that music and physical health go hand in hand, but they do. In order to ensure a successful tour, singer-songwriter duo Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke of the indie/folk band...
A Proper pH
October 1, 2019
Our bodies are genetically wired to live, to sustain life and to work toward balance. We are the ones who make the decision to work with or against our own bodies through our lifestyle...
Surpassing the Virtual Namaste
October 1, 2019
With technology providing a greater level of accessibility to all kinds of information, there’s potential for people to take their fitness journeys into their own hands — and homes. Just a few clicks away...
Debunking  Nutrition Myths
October 1, 2019
Breaking down the truth behind six popular topics.
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