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By Athletic Outcomes Sponsored – October 1, 2019
Brian Fitzsimmons

Athletic Outcomes is Austin’s boutique gym providing functional fitness and modern athletic recovery, focusing on personal training and group classes. Owned by Dr. Brittaney and Pat Cook, AO is all about training hard and recovering smart with a different approach to the traditional gym setting. With specialities such as recovery compression boots, chiropractic care, prenatal and postnatal training, physical therapy provided by Reach Outcomes and sports nutrition coaching, you’re guaranteed to experience a much more preventative and form-oriented fitness experience.

Warm Up

Mini-band walks

30 seconds each movement 5x

-Lateral walks in both directions — keeping the band wider than your hips

-In-and-out forward and backwards — try to shift your weight onto your heels and land with a flat foot

Core activation

45 seconds each side, each movement 3x

-Side plank — on bottom knee with the top leg elevated

-Anti-rotation pulsing — keep the knees soft and arms straight while pulsing side to side just one inch

*It’s important to focus on deep diaphragmatic breathing, engaging through the pelvic floor and activating the transverse abdominals with a deep “brace” of the core.

Main Set

Your breath is incredibly important during every movement in your main set.

-Staggered stance dumbbell deadlift -10 reps on each side  

*Transition the majority of your bodyweight to the flat foot while applying minimal to the bent leg. Keep your spine long and neutral and direct the weights along the side of your legs.

-Heavy carries- 45 seconds of walking for each side

*Avoid overhead holds in the third trimester

*Keep your core engaged and keep your upper body completely stable

-Top-loaded lunge- 10 reps on each side

*Keeping all of your weight on your front leg’s heel, tap your glute to a bench to avoid excess hip and knee bend.

-Single-arm chest press-10 reps on each side  

*It’s important to avoid lying face up after 20 weeks of pregnancy, so to mimic a chest press, stand up! This single arm movement provides extra core activation, so don’t forget to breath out as you push the band away.

What to Avoid

There are a few exercises to avoid after 15-22 weeks prepartum and before 6-12 weeks postpartum (*always get a doctor’s approval to exercise). Avoiding these movements will help prevent increased intra-abdominal pressure which could cause diastasis recti (injured abdominal separation) and pelvic floor dysfunction. This is simply a recommendation.

*Always remember that everyone’s core strength is very individual based off current athletic state and pregnancy risk factors.

-Sit ups or crunches  

-Front Planks


-Pull ups (strict or unsupported)

*At Athletic Outcomes, your first class is always free and if you mention Austin Fit Magazine, you can receive a free personal training consult and 10 percent off your first training package.

Athletic Outcomes
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