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Walking the (High) Line

Faith Dickey is not like everyone else. Maybe she was six years ago. When she was 19. Before she won national and world championship titles. Before…

Water 101

It’s been widely reported and discussed that drinking water is a necessary practice for achieving ultimate health, vitality, and performance. But just because we know better…

Discover! – Blunn Creek Preserve

It’s easy to miss the Blunn Creek Preserve; there’s only street parking at the trailhead on St. Edwards Drive or Long Bow, and signage is unobtrusive.…

Tadka Dal

Tadka dal is all about the tadka (seasoning). This warm sputter of spices added to a healthy mix of lentils (dal) makes for a very delicious…

Winter Woes Be Gone

After the unusual number, length, and low temperatures of last winter’s cold snaps, Austin’s athletes might want to take note and make strides to stay warm…

How to Build the Perfect Serve

The most important shot in tennis is the serve. It starts off the point and can immediately dictate the tone of the game. A beginner needs…

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