November 2014: FAQ

By AFM Staff – November 1, 2014

Is there any reason why I shouldn’t run in the rain? I worry about getting sick if I head outdoors for my workout, but I hate getting on the treadmill.

A: Andreas Soeffker, a wonderful coach with the former RunTex University here in Austin, had a motto: “There’s no bad weather, only bad apparel.” There’s no reason for you not to run in the rain. If it’s cold and wet, opt for the right gear. Wear a hat to keep the water out of your eyes and choose a lightweight, water-resistant jacket or sleeveless shell. Things to watch out for: lightning, a drop in core temperature, and distracted drivers. Two-thirds of lightning deaths in the U.S. (2006 to 2013) involved people participating in outdoor leisure activities, with running following soccer and golf in terms of specific sports, so avoid working out in a thunderstorm. With lower winter temperatures, make sure that you can get out of wet clothes and shoes quickly; have a towel in the car and pack dry shoes and gear to change into. Most importantly, realize that drivers may not be looking for runners during a downpour, so wear reflective gear or brightly colored clothes to increase your visibility on the roads.

Any suggestions for exercises I could do in the office? I’d like something I could do beside my desk every so often, just to break up the monotony of sitting and typing all day.

A: Depending on your space, anything is possible—especially bodyweight movements. Try air squats, lunges, plank, push-ups, and even jumping jacks. If possible, carve out 15 minutes or so during the day to get outside of your desk area. Climb the stairs, take a walk around the block, or go sit under a tree and practice meditative deep breathing. Any movement is good movement.  

What are some gym bag essentials for every woman?

A: Presumably, you’re asking about beauty or hygiene products, since shoes, sport bras, and leggings are such a personal choice. But some handy, useful items to keep packed away include deodorant, extra hair ties, sanitary wipes, hand towel, and water bottle.


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