New to Austin: November 2014

By AFM Staff – November 1, 2014

979 Springdale Road
On Saturday, November 1, Austinites get their first look at the new Austin Eastciders cidery. Though the classically American and gluten-free fermented beverage has been available for purchase for some time (you can find a list of retailers on their Facebook page), the new space will be Texas’ first “urban cidery.” They’ll hold monthly tours, tastings, and community and private events as well as produce their signature beverages (Gold Top and Eastciders Original) and unique small batch releases.

Texans have been enjoying cider since the early 1900s, and Austin Eastciders is proud to announce that October’s first small batch was produced from Winesap apples grown in Texas’ High Plains region. “It’s a very traditional style, and quite an authentic look at what Texans would’ve been drinking back in the day,” said founder Ed Gibson. Gibson is originally from the U.K. but knew early on that he wanted to relocate to the U.S.; he tried New York, but “it wasn’t the life for me.” A friend suggested Gibson try out Austin and within the first 3 hours of visiting, he was convinced.  “It was kind of double win for me—being able to live in Austin, build a cidery, and discover a solution for my gluten sensitivity issue,” he said. By Oct. 2013, Austin Eastciders had been properly launched.  This year’s addition of the cidery will bring the craft brewery to a new level in Austin’s creative beverage scene. 

Blue Hill Yogurt

$2.50 for 6-ounce container
Blue Hill Yogurt made its Texas debut this September—the family-owned, New York-based company’s yogurt is now available at H-E-B and Central Market, broadening its reach across 20 states and 200 stores throughout the U.S. What caught AFM’s attention are the unique savory-sweet combinations of whole grass-fed milk with no-sugar-added vegetables such as carrot, tomato, beet, butternut squash, sweet potato, and even parsnip.  “Blue Hill Yogurt was born in the kitchens of Blue Hill New York and Blue Hill at Stone Barns, where my brother Dan Barber and his culinary team have been experimenting with grass-fed milk yogurt for years,” says Blue Hill president and co-owner David Barber. “The first savory yogurt dish at Blue Hill was ‘Savory Granola with Beet Yogurt;’ it sparked the idea for this entire line.”
Bonus: Visit the Blue Hill Yogurt website for recipes to create snacks or quick meals with a few add-ins, make sauces and dressings, and use as an ingredient in prepared meals, such as Tomato, Watermelon, and Yogurt Gazpacho.

Outdoor Voices

606 Blanco
This independent active wear retailer has been available online and through J. Crew, and now they’ve brought their recreation-friendly apparel to brick and mortar in Austin. Located in a refurbished bungalow behind Clark’s Oyster Bar, the store also serves as the New York-based company’s second headquarters. Active wear essentials for men and women can be purchased in easy to pick up “kits” that consist of six basic pieces; the emphasis is on looking good while fitting well. CEO Tyler Haney, who grew up in Boulder and then attended Parsons and Columbia to study design marketing, felt the Austin lifestyle was a perfect fit for the new headquarters: “Austin has a very recreational lifestyle. It’s a well-rounded approach—people are health and body conscious but it’s still ‘let’s go have a beer after workout.’” The goal is to make the store an essential part of the fitness community; Wanderlust Yoga, Rogue Running, Castle Hill Fitness, and nearby restaurants all have fitness-related activities sourced from the shop’s grounds. 


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