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What is Estrogen Dominance?

When we work out, many of us typically have one side of the body that is stronger than the other. That side, your dominant side, is…

IV Hydration Therapy

Simply hearing the word “needle” or catching a glimpse of one can make many people cringe or even begin to feel faint. For many patients receiving…

Beauty Guide

Caring for your lashes, nails, hair, skin and teeth are all essential elements of a full-body wellness approach. Do you have a favorite spa, salon or…

Technology and the Body

The NEUBIE, EMSCULPT, Cryoslimming and Fitbit PurePulse. These new technologies aren’t household names…yet. These are some of the newest and most innovative devices that shape how…

Genetics and Wellness

Understanding the role of genetics in our health has become a central theme in medical research as well as a wellness trend. More people are testing…

Taming Your Trigger Points

Trigger points — those tight little knots in the skeletal muscles of your body — can trick you. They often hurt and don’t go away in…

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