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Exploring the Powers of Your Mind

Your mind is like a muscle, meaning it’s possible to broaden your mind’s powers in order to improve capacity, ability and skill. Capacity refers to the…

5 Tips for a Better Brain

No matter our age, our brains can always use a little extra love and attention. While we may think that declining brain health is a normal…

Wellness FAQ with Dr. Daniel

       The AFM Team talked to Dr. Daniel Gonzalez about what it means to have a healthy spine. Dr. Daniel has been a practicing…

Paddling to 100 Days of Blue

           100 Days of Blue is a challenge from Wallace J. Nichols, a friend and the author of Blue Mind, that has summoned water lovers annually for…

Todd’s Tips to Slow Down Aging

I’m going to start with a warning. When I speak to live audiences and share what I’m about to share with you, it sometimes really resonates…

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