AFM’s Guide to Recovery Labs in Austin

By Rachel Cook – December 10, 2020

Health clubs are no longer limited to cardio classes, ellipticals and weight rooms. An entirely new market focusing on recovery has opened doors to technology that, for so long, only professional athletes had access to. Cryotherapy, infrared saunas and compression therapy are just some of the tools recovery labs are making accessible for everyday people. AFM has created a go-to guide for recovery spots in Austin and what they offer so you can spend less time online and more time in the cryo chamber. 

Generator Athlete Lab

800 W Cesar Chavez #PP120

Austin, Texas 78701

Generator Athlete Lab is a downtown training facility with a focus on recovery. Founders Dr. Jessica Tranchina, a physical therapist, and Delfin Ward, an occupational therapist, are on a mission to optimize athletic performance for regular people by providing them access to the latest in recovery tech and expert advice. They offer access to workout classes, NormaTec compression equipment, an infrared sauna, hot and cold plunge tubs, whole-body vibration therapy, a Rapid Release Therapy Pro2 massage tool, massages, kinesiology taping and guided, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Like a gym, Generator Athlete Lab works on a membership plan, but day passes are available for those who are interested. 

US Cryotherapy

3027 N Lamar Blvd. Suite #202

Austin, Texas 78705

US Cryotherapy is a facility that specializes in subzero, cold shock therapy to aid in “faster recovery, anti-inflammation, pain management, enhanced mood, skin, and sleep,” according to their website. In addition to cryotherapy, the facility also offers facial rejuvenation, a hydro-massage bed, infrared sauna, red light therapy, NormaTec compression therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and Theragun massages. Us Cryotherapy operates on a membership plan, and custom membership plans are also available through consultation. 

Cryo Body Works

3501 Hyridge Dr.

Austin, Texas 78759

Founded in 2014 by Caulen Lauria, an athlete manager and trainer from northern California, Cryo Body Works offers cryotherapy, health guidance programs, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Hypervolt massage gun therapy, ice baths, infrared laser therapy, an infrared sauna, meditation brainwave analysis, NormaTec compression therapy, ozone therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, red light therapy, ultrasonic cavitation & radio frequency therapy, ultrasound therapy and vitamin injections. Check out their website to book an appointment.

Restore Hyper Wellness + Cryotherapy

1100 South Lamar Blvd. Suite 2110

Austin, Texas 78704

Restore Hyper Wellness + Cryotherapy is a franchise with the mission to make wellness affordable. With four locations in Austin, they offer cryotherapy, cryoskin therapy, HydraFacials, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, infrared sauna therapy, IV drip therapy, micronutrient testing, NAD+ therapy, NormaTec compression therapy, photobiomodulation therapy, and Stretch Base® therapy. To book an appointment and check out their other locations, visit their website. 

EvolvE Cryo + Wellness

3411 S. Lamar Blvd.

Austin, Texas 78704

EvolvE Cryo + Wellness puts an emphasis on non-toxic, integrative health and wellness. They use botanical skincare and organic massage oils in their treatments with a mix of “cutting edge technologies” in order to help guests recover. Services include acupuncture, cryotherapy, cupping, compression therapy, dermaplaning, facials, Gua Sha, Hypervibe whole-body vibration therapy, infrared sauna, massage, photobiomodulation and stem cell treatment. To view their membership options, visit their website.

Cryo Wellness

3616 Far West Blvd. Suite 107

Austin, Texas 78731

Cryo Wellness is a recovery facility in central Ausitn owned by Rajni Jaipaul. In addition to whole-body cryotherapy, they offer Celluma LED therapy, compression therapy, infrared sauna, hyperbaric therapy and THOR cold laser therapy. Cryo Wellness offers monthly memberships as well as service packages. Visit their website to check out pricing.


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