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KMB: CryoFit Recovery & Wellness
November 1, 2022
After a tough year of great trainers who were all eager to kick my butt, AFM and I decided that I could use a recovery day. So, we headed to “Recover Mo’s Butt” at...
DIY Ice Baths for Newbies
April 1, 2021
Before we dive in, or rather, immerse ourselves into the ice baths or cold water immersion (CWI), let’s break the ice with a joke. Why does rapper, celebrity and actor Ice Cube put money...
AFM’s Guide to Recovery Labs in Austin
December 10, 2020
Health clubs are no longer limited to cardio classes, ellipticals and weight rooms. An entirely new market focusing on recovery has opened doors to technology that, for so long, only professional athletes had access...
Wellness FAQ with US Cryotherapy
November 1, 2020
AFM: What is whole body cryotherapy?  US Cryo: Whole body cryotherapy is a brief, cold shock treatment using sub-zero temperatures to stimulate the nervous system producing powerful pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and endorphin boosting benefits!...
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