Must-Try Ethically Sourced Hammocks

By Alora Jones – September 1, 2020

With little to do during COVID times, try swinging your worries away while relaxing in a hammock and soaking in the change of the season. Hammocks are great to have on hand wherever your adventure may lead, especially if you want to secure a momentary, personal oasis in Austin’s nature scene. Since many Austinites are spending more time outside (socially distanced, of course), hammocks are ideal items to bring along for the fun. To get you started, we’ve rounded up a list of mission-based hammock companies that will leave you excited to get outside and enjoy the last bit of summer. 


Hobo Hammocks


Two years ago, the founder of Hobo Hammocks created the company after spending some time being homeless by choice. The company’s mission is to give a healthy meal to a homeless person with every purchase of a hammock. Also, you can donate an old hammock and receive a new one at a discounted price. The old hammocks are repaired and given to a homeless person in need of shelter. The portable double hammocks come with a pouch, two steel carabiners, two 10-foot hobo straps and a lifetime unlimited warranty all for the affordable price of $59.


Yellow Leaf Hammocks


Handwoven by the Mlabri tribe in northern Thailand, Yellow Leaf Hammocks aspires to help its artisans out of extreme poverty, create ethical jobs for mothers and positively empower communities. The unique, soft hammocks come with a tote and free shipping. The hammocks are versatile and perfect for indoor or outdoor lounging with room for up to three people. There is even an option to design your own signature handwoven hammock. Captivating Yellow Leaf products can also be purchased on Amazon.




Want to relax out on the water but also in a hammock? MelloShip is an environmentally friendly, solar-powered, motorized hammock boat. Two hammocks with a 500-pound weight limit can be suspended on the boat for serene relaxation. The boat comes with two beverage holders, fishing pole attachment points, a speaker mount and an umbrella mount. In addition, the company also offers numerous customizations for a MelloShip such as pop-up seats, an extended yoga/camping deck or a cooler mount. 


Hang A Hammock Collective


Hang A Hammock Collective crafts handmade hammocks from a team of Nicaraguan artisans. The company offers its team incredible benefits and even co-manages a tree farm in the Carazo region. All of the wood used to make each product comes from Nicaraguan trees, and all of the products are recyclable. The handwoven hammocks are gorgeous, soft, intricate and even hand-signed by the artisans. In addition to hammocks, the company also sells stunning baby swings, hanging chairs, hanging cribs and plant hangers. Hang A Hammock Collective even offers virtual workshops that teach how to use macrame knots to weave a swing or crib and mails all of the materials to your home straight from Nicaragua.


Cielo Hammocks


Cielo Hammocks provides artisans with the raw materials to hand weave hammocks from the comfort of their homes in the Mayan villages of Yucatan, Mexico, in order to support their families. Cielo Hammocks is committed to making a difference in the local community and empowering employees by fighting poverty and supporting gender equality, all while providing customers with quality products. The hammocks are uniquely crafted by the individual weavers to create a wide variety of designs and styles. One style of woven Cielo Hammocks can even be purchased on Amazon.




Headquartered in Austin, Kammok sells contemporary items perfect for lounging in the backyard. One of Kammok’s new products, Baya™, is a lounge stand that allows six people, or three double hammocks, to convene together. The company also has water-resistant hammocks, hammock tents, kids’ hammocks and even insect nets––all of which have a lifetime warranty. Each year, the company donates one percent of its top line revenue to its nonprofit partners that focus on youth outdoor mentorship such as Explore Austin. The community and sustainability are key in the production of Kammok products, which can also be found on Amazon.


Hacked Pack


Never worry about forgetting a hammock again with Hacked Pack, a hammock with a built-in backpack. The backpack has enough storage to hold whatever is needed for an on-the-go adventure. The parachute, nylon hammock has 9-foot straps and can hold up to 500 pounds. One of the founders of Hacked Pack was even once an Austinite and Longhorn.


La Siesta 


La Siesta is a family business that thrives on environmental responsibility and sustainability and works to fund a youth center in Brazil. It sells spacious hammocks and hammock chairs handcrafted in Brazil and Colombia with vibrant colors. In addition, there are light and affordable travel hammocks which can also transform into a picnic or beach blanket. For the kids, the website also has children’s size washable hammocks. All of these colorful products can be located on Amazon.


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