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By Monica Brant – November 4, 2011

The last few months have been extremely tough. I have been traveling extensively and only home a few days at a time before heading out again, so making my workouts fit in has been essential. I am quite particular when I am traveling a lot to make sure my workouts are exactly what is necessary to keep my physique in the best place for my jobs.

With that in mind, we shot this issue’s Kick Mo’s Butt feature during one of my home slots. I agreed to the schedule thinking it would mean foregoing one of my coveted workout times.

Arriving at the location in Cedar Park, I was struck by how lovely the area was and already felt some excitement for the outdoor workout. Little did I know that Yancy Culp had quite an array of exercises for me to perform.

As I walked up to meet Yancy, the first thing I noticed was the huge rope hanging from the beam. It was the biggest rope I’ve ever seen in a workout environment. “Is he going to have me do something with that?” I wondered.

When we got down to the business of the workout, 95% of the workout was with the giant ropes. The one I had seen first was not all; he had more in another area.

This was by far one of the hardest workouts I have done since we started the Kick Mo’s Butt series. Yancy has a selection of rope exercises I had never seen! It quickly became obvious that he had no intention of allowing me to do much without the rope. And this rope weighed approximately 70-75 pounds.

Since Yancy had done some research on me and my background, he knew I had been a track athlete and still enjoyed sprinting today. He tailored the workout to allow me a similar workout to the track—without being on the track. Let me tell you, it worked!

Yancy is a very creative trainer who knows what it takes to get the job done. He was right at my side making sure I didn’t have to worry about counting. When a workout is that hard, counting gets tough!

Not only did Yancy have rope exercises for me (the 70-75 pound ropes!), he threw in some core/ab exercises too. The workout lasted about 40-45 minutes and by the end of the time, my bootie (and entire body) was officially kicked.

For those of you looking for this type of workout, you will find it with Yancy; I am positive he could modify it for beginners and to accommodate all fitness levels. I look forward to getting in another workout with Yancy and having my bootie handed to me once again!

Special thanks to lululemon on 6th & Lamar for the very cute and comfortable outfit and to Hair Goddess ( for the great hair design!

sCULPture Nutrition
& Fitness

with Yancy Culp
13740 Research Boulevard, Suite U4
Austin, TX 78750
(512) 423-3486

Battling Rope waves w/side shuttle 
*wave left & right – rest x 10sec x 3
Side oblique sit-up throw x 60sec
Battling Rope pull/push/wave x 2 sets

Battling Rope Exercises:
Waves x 30
Alt waves x 60
Push-pull x 30
Snake fight x 30
Squat jump w/ fan x 20
Squat jump w/fly x 20

Battling Rope medley 40sec go / 20sec rest:
Waves w/lunge squat
Waves w/PLJ’s
Waves w/ice skaters
Sumo squat jumping jacks
Jumping jacks
Waves x 3 to burpee
Waves w/side shuttle

Mule kicks x 40sec
Alt mule kicks x 40sec
Speed sit-up throws x 30sec
Flicks x 30sec
Flicks sitting on Med Ball x 30sec
Locked ankle Med Ball circle x 10 to
Sit-up throw x 60sec
Overhead plyo ball drive x 60sec
Leg pass to sit-up throw x 60sec

Plank w/hip circles
Plank w/cobra to downward dog
Plank w/side leg kick
Plank w/arm circles
Plank w/adb & add pops
Plank w/alt knee to elbow

Squat jump w/log throw – across field
Straight leg w/log throw – across field
Hitch kick
Walking knee ball drives

Side shuttle w/MB incline pass
Battling Rope chin-ups (pavilion) 20/10 x 2min
Battling Rope double rope run
Battling Rope double rope skip
4-minutes testing coordination and proprioception by combining the Independent R&L with the Double. (This serves as an evaluation to identify strong and weak side of the body.)

In an endless search to find the best workouts in town, Monica Brant-Peckham has agreed to be our “guinea pig” and take them on full force. Every month we’ll feature a new trainer and a different set of workouts for our readers, in the process trying to Kick Mo’s Butt!

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