Krank it Out, MO!

By Monica Brant – October 4, 2011

The last hot day of August brought me to BodyBusiness at Davenport Village for my KMB shoot to try out the KRANKcycle® workout, which I quickly learned is basically a spin class for the upper body. I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive at first, as I am definitely lower body dominant and feel best when challenged through my legs. However, Fitness Manager Bryan Lepley instructed me on the main drills to get through the workout; I warmed up, excited to give it a try.

The workout was a 40-minute class with interval sets where we used single- and double-arm movements along with seated and standing positions. Thanks to Bryan’s strict form requirements and constant encouragement when the movements were done correctly, I soon learned I needed to incorporate my entire shoulder and back in order to keep the ‘spin’ moving along nicely. I was amazed at how much mental focus the workout required. Bryan, who definitely knows how to instruct and make this workout fly by with some great music and good coaching skills, moved the small group of us through each drill easily and kept us going at a good pace.

Incorporating this workout into my routine would enable me to rehab my nagging shoulder issue and balance out my strength, as the hand pedals move separately and have to be worked at an even level on both hands to keep them moving similarly.

The KRANKcycle® class is offered at different abilities, from Level 1 and up. I would love to recommend that all athletes try out this workout for something different. I left feeling loose in my upper body and refreshed, with lots of blood flowing freely throughout my upper body. Nice!

BodyBusiness Health Club & Spa in Davenport Village
with Bryan Lepley
3801 North Capital of Texas Highway
Austin, TX 78746
(512) 306-0557

Great for helping correct protracted shoulders or internal rotator dominance through external rotation and retraction of the shoulder girdle.

[First 20-Minutes]
“Retro” or reverse direction
4-minutes Independent Right and Left (R&L) movement pattern.

4-minutes testing coordination and proprioception by combining the Independent R&L with the Double. (This serves as an evaluation to identify strong and weak side of the body.)

12-minutes increasing the resistance and speed to demonstrate how the KRANKcycle® can build upper body strength and power though heavy resistance and acceleration drills.

[Second 20-Minutes]
Forward direction
Spending equal time in each direction ensures balance in the front and back of the torso as well as the right and left sides of the body. Depending on individual needs, the time spent in each direction would then be decided.

The above movement patterns were repeated in the forward direction to bring consistency and fun to the workout.

In an endless search to find the best workouts in town, Monica Brant-Peckham has agreed to be our “guinea pig” and take them on full force. Every month we’ll feature a new trainer and a different set of workouts for our readers, in the process trying to Kick Mo’s Butt!

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