4th Annual Fittest Dog Contest

By Sarah – December 20, 2011

Is there a fit Fido in your life? Does Spot keep you running? Can Max track or herd cattle? Has Princess got some amazing retrieving skills? Austin Fit Magazine wants to know!

Nominate your healthy and active dog via email. Give us 250 words about why your canine companion should be chosen for our “Fittest Dog” list; be sure to include photos so we can see his/her mad skills in action. We’ll collect your nominations until January 5, 2012, and the winners will be featured in our March issue.

Your email entry should include the following information:
1. Your dog’s name, age, and breed
2. A few pictures of your dog in action
3. Your name and contact information (please include phone contact as well as email)
4. A short write-up (250 words or less) that explains how your dog exemplifies fitness

Be sure to send your entry to fittestdog@austinfitmagazine.com before our contest deadline of January 5, 2012.


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