Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

By Sarah – November 4, 2011

Halloween has come and gone and many pumpkins now sit neglected, collecting cobwebs and wallowing in their post-season funk, waiting for their next shining moment: Thanksgiving. And with the next holiday comes food, lots of food. Pumpkins are baked, cooked, whipped and mixed into all sorts of recipes this time of year, however, not all of these recipes are exactly “good” for us. This year, instead of sending your pumpkins to the compost, send them to the kitchen and try these HEALTHY pumpkin recipes:

1) Pumpkin Pancakes: Who doesn’t love pancakes? This recipe puts a twist on a traditional breakfast, resulting in a delicious and low-fat meal – staying under 250 calories for 2 pancakes (not including butter and syrup)!

2) Cream of Pumpkin Soup: With the weather finally cooling off enough to enjoy a hot bowl of soup, this recipe couldn’t have come at a better time. Delicious comfort food AND simple to make, all for practically 100 calories per serving!

3) Crustless Pumpkin Pie: Thanksgiving just isn’t the same without pumpkin pie, but with every bite there’s always that twinge of guilt. Fear not pie-lovers, the solution has arrived: crustless pumpkin pie! The crust of the pie is actually where most of the fat lies, so this recipe keeps all the great pumpkin flavor while ditching the the bulk of the calories. And hey, at under 200 calories per serving you may even be able to afford a little cool whip on top!

4) Pumpkin Oatmeal: The perfect Autumn breakfast! The best part about oatmeal is that you can change it to your liking – try adding walnuts or your favorite dried fruit. At under 250 calories, this low-fat breakfast is sure to power you through the day without sacrificing flavor.

5) Baked Pumpkin Pasta: This pasta is a hearty meal sure to fill and satisfy without having an effect on your waistline. Try substituting the pasta for wheat noodles for an even healthier option.

There are plenty of pumpkin recipes out there, let us know your favorites @austinfit or on our facebook page.

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