Bike recycling…the fun way

By Leah – November 4, 2011

It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate.  I just got through moving, and the stuff in the garage was some of the last to get packed up and organized; a fair amount of that was bike stuff.  Things like that old seat that was replaced by something more friendly to my rear, cages I’d outgrown the need for, extra tires (how’d I get those?), and an assorted pile of things I hadn’t touched in who knows how long.  Packing up inspired me to clean my bike and clean out my stash.  If you’re not a cooler weather cyclist, now might be a good time to sort through your things as well so that, when spring comes, you’re organized and ready to ride.  Or maybe it’s time to sort through what worked and didn’t worked as you go into the winter season.  In any case, if you ride, you may have a load of cycling gear that could use a new home.  Mellow Johnny’s is ready to help.

Mellow Johnny’s is putting on their fourth annual Mellow Swap this Saturday, November 5, in the parking lot at the shop (400 Nueces), from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  It’s open to anyone who has a box of old bike goodies, things that could be useful to someone else but have lost their purpose at your house.  There will be music, beer, and burgers (burgers start at 12:30) outside in the parking lot.  It’s all free, and everybody wins–you clean out your stuff, get to hang out with other gear-heads, and maybe even come home with that certain bike something you’ve been looking for. With as nice the weather has been lately, it could be a perfect way to spend your Saturday.

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