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My Life as a Diabetic Figure Competitor

My diagnosis couldn’t stop me from dreaming. I wanted to be in top shape. I wanted to be the one stepping on that stage.

Q&A on Active Release Technique

This manual form of therapy aims to smooth out your muscle pains

New to Austin

Studios and stores for fitness-minded folks

Meditation as the Fountain of Youth?

Feeling the Rhythm

For Cyc Fitness instructor Rachel Grosz, keeping the beat is just half of the fun.

A Triathlete’s Tips to Tackling Injury and Illness

Running with the Tribe

Experiencing a new country and culture was best done on two feet—with locals using dramatic hand gestures, encouraging me to run harder.

Prepping Your Strength

Fit for Duty

Training for triathlons and serving his country and community go hand-in-hand for this Austin police officer.

Rolling, Slamming, and Landmining

We’re always on the look out for hot, new things to accompany us to the gym. Workout-wise, that is. Our gear tester found a few pieces of equipment that grabbed his attention.

Do What Scares You

Diving Into CRIT Racing at the Driveway Series

Sustainability in the City

Take a glance at some of Austin’s up-and-coming trendsetters who are all too eager to lead this city toward an eco-friendly future.

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

Greet the upcoming spring season by exercising your green thumb.

Raising the Bar

These locally made energy bars are finding tasty ways to keep Austin weird. The Austin Fit staff tore off the wrappers and put them to the test.

Put Some Tape On It

Is Kinesiotaping therapy all help or all hype? Our writer-by-night and doctor-by-day examined 48 studies to find out.

FAQ - March 2015

Guidance for working out Life’s conundrums

Stay In Shape By Walking With Friends

Red Wine and Weight Loss

What’s In Your Purse?

Q&A with Lifestyle Blogger, Camille Styles of CamilleStyles.com

The Evolution of SXSW

From humble beginnings to attracting worldwide attention, the South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival has been calling Austin home for 28 years.

Mahi Mahi Vera Cruz

The Power of Yoga in Postural Restoration

River Place Nature Trail

With over 900 log steps throughout, this hike is a natural stair master.

The Three Most Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Things

“What’s in the Water” is a series of three articles on water quality in the rivers and lakes of the Austin area where people like to swim. Part I (the following article) explains the most dangerous amoeba and bacterium you might encounter and provides tips on how to deal with them.

Part II: Knowing the Basics of a Blood Lab, The Complete Metabolic Panel

It is more important than ever to have a basic awareness of your own health, and to have an understanding of the lab tests your doctor performs as part of a routine physical.

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