FAQ – March 2015

By AFM Team – March 1, 2015

Why are four-leaf clovers considered good luck?

In the same way that winning the $500 million Powerball jackpot is considered good luck, so too is finding a four-leaf clover. Why? Because they are so rare! It's estimated that there are over 10,000 three-leaf clovers to every one four-leaf clover. According to Irish tradition, the four leaves ward off evil spirits and represent the virtues of faith, hope, love, and luck. So, if you find one, consider yourself one of the lucky few! If you ever spot a leprechaun, however, get it on video and post it on YouTube.


What are some tips for a SXSW first-timer? 

Even for a local, attending SXSW is like surviving a grueling ultra race. The key to a successful SXSW experience is pacing. (Sound familiar, my fit athletes?) Don't try to do too much in one day. In the same way that you plan every mile of your race, plan your days in advance. Have a schedule of “must-see” shows, but also leave some time open for rest and unexpected surprises. SXSW has introduced me to some now-famous musicians like Norah Jones and Imagine Dragons. One day they’re playing at Guero’s and the next day, they're winning Grammys. How cool that we live in a town that gives life to so many careers! Also, just like a long race, make sure you eat well and stay hydrated. It sounds cliché, but live music is just so much better when you're not hangry.


After working out, should I wash my face with water or something more thorough?

We all know that working out is awesome because we sweat, burn calories, and feel the endorphin bliss for hours after training, but you know what else happens? Our pores expand, making it easier to get rid of the dirt and grime we’ve collected throughout the day. Therefore, it’s best to wash your face with a gentle cleanser while you're still warm and sweating from your workout. If you wait too long, your body cools down and your pores contract, thereby trapping those impurities your skin has collected. If you wash your face with warm water just after your workout, your pores are more open and your skin will thank you for it. (And so will your friends when you meet them for that post-run happy hour.)


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