Pet of the Month: How Are Donations Being Used at APA?

By Sponsored by Austin Pets Alive! – July 1, 2022
Austin Pets Alive!

What goes on behind the scenes at a nonprofit shelter? How are donations being used to rescue pets? In late June, Austin Pets Alive! invited the public to find out what goes on over a 24-hour period. On their social media pages, they showcased what happens behind the scenes on an average day at APA The shelter called this “Raise A Day for APA!” with a goal of $50,000. That’s roughly the cost of one day of operations at the shelter. 

Woman with dog.

The mission of APA is to end the needless euthanasia of companion animals. Earlier this year APA celebrated the 100,000th rescue. An anonymous volunteer matched donations during “Raise A Day for APA!” in recognition of one of the adoption managers. You can find out more about the lifesaving programs at APA by going to their website,

Sprout (the dog pictured) is an example of why so many people choose to adopt, foster, volunteer and donate to APA. Sprout was taken in mid- to late-June in the Medical Clinic. He was found a month ago — abandoned and locked up in a crate. When Sprout was brought to APA, he did not weigh much and could not even lift his head up. One of the APA veterinarians, Dr. Gordon, took Sprout into her home. The dog is now walking around, gaining weight, giving people kisses and getting socialized. 

Consider supporting APA today!

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