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Pet of the Month: How Are Donations Being Used at APA?
July 1, 2022
What goes on behind the scenes at a nonprofit shelter? How are donations being used to rescue pets? In late June, Austin Pets Alive! invited the public to find out what goes on over...
Pet of the Month: APA’s Parvo Puppy ICU
May 1, 2022
Since 2008, Austin Pets Alive! has been treating parvovirus, saving nearly 8,000 lives. This is all thanks to APA’s efforts with Parvo Puppy ICU, which was created because over 90% of puppies that contract...
Pet of the Month: RayRay
April 1, 2022
A dog so nice we named him twice!! RayRay is a goofy and affectionate couch potato looking for his furever home. He has been described as liking a variety of activities that take him...
Pet of the Month: Vin Diesel
March 1, 2022
Like his namesake, this adoptable pup may look tough, but he is a real softie at heart. Vin Diesel loves to play tug-of-war, with toys and even with brain games! He also knows how...
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