Welloffers– Health and Fitness deals in Austin

By Kelsey – June 29, 2011

If you’re trying to revamp your fitness routine, a new gym, workout program or yoga group could be the best way to accomplish your goals. And, luckily for you, finding new ways to stay healthy and fit in Austin can be cheaper than ever, thanks to Welloffers.com.

PRWeb recently announced the launch of Welloffers, which seems to be a health and fitness focused version of the better known Groupon, which delivers a hefty local coupon to users’ inbox each morning. Welloffers likewise uses group purchasing to offer deals to Austin’s sizable health and fitness community. And unlike Groupon, Welloffers is able to negotiate more with local Austin businesses, which means you can often get more than half off at local fitness options, so you can feel even better about trying out something new at a lower price.

Recent deals have included reduced prices for Dane’s Body Shop workout program (voted 3rd best training studio in Austin in our “Best Of” issue), a Tiger Lilly Acupuncture session and A&E Beauty Laser Vitamin C lightening mask (the current deal).

So if you’re interested in local health and fitness deals, welloffers.com might be worth your time. Or it could just be another junk email you glance at and delete every morning. Either way, it seems worth a try.

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