Product Review: Skin Strong

By Weston – June 1, 2011
David Garza

David Garza at the Pflugerville Tri

I was contacted through Austin Fit Magazine about a new skin lubricant product. I was asked what I used, and I told them I had used Body Glide for years. I was then introduced to a new product on the market called Skin Strong. I had not heard about it, but I had a race that Sunday and was willing to give it a shot.

I met with the Skin Strong rep and he gave me samples of Skin Strong Silk and the Slather. I had a three hour ride the Friday before the race; I used the Slather on my bike shorts and loved it!

On the morning of the race, I used the Skin Strong Silk on my feet and the Slather on my shorts. With the first leg of the race behind me, I got out of the water ready to kill the bike — my shorts felt great! I was comfortable the whole time which allowed me to focus on my aerodynamics since it was a windy day, and I could stay in the saddle and power through the wind. When I got off the bike for the run, I kicked it in. I felt some rubbing on my shoes (where I normally do), but it never got worse. My shoes and feet felt great, and I could push all I wanted and didn’t have to worry about blisters.

When I finished, I took off my shoes and had no blisters! I will definitely use Skin Strong in my upcoming races. Thanks guys for letting me try the products!

David GarzaDavid Garza
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