Oops! Corrections

By Kelsey – July 11, 2011

We were sad to hear that we made a mistake in the July issue, but are grateful (as always) for our diligent readers who let us know in a timely fashion.

Page 33 of the Inspiration Issue (July 2011) lists Steve Sisson as the coach of Tejas Trails. This is not true. Steve Sisson is affiliated with Rogue Running.

Also, an oversight was made in the June article “The Mystery of Autism.” The author mistakenly reported that researcher Andrew Wakefield performed his controversial research regarding the supposed link between vaccinations and autism (which has now been discredited) at the Thoughtful House in Austin. This is untrue.

On page 45 of the Gear Issue (June 2011) lists Premiere Lady Fitness as the only privately-owned gym built exclusively for women. This is not true. Goddess Fit is also a privately-owned gym for women here in Austin.

A big thank you to our readers who make sure that we’re always giving you the best health and fitness news in Austin.

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