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By Sponsored by: IVitamin – February 1, 2020

Jana Gavin is a licensed pharmacist and co-founder of IVitamin, a female-founded IV therapy clinic and spa that offers a varied menu of IV drips, boosters and aesthetics to keep the Austin community operating at optimal levels. Her expertise as a pharmacist has enabled her and co-founder Jordan Cobb to turn their passion for a proactive wellness approach into a flourishing business.

This month, Jana discusses the science behind IV therapy and how IV therapy from IVitamin can help you live your best life.

What is IV therapy?

Intravenous therapy (IV) is a means of delivering vitamins and nutrients directly into a vein to replenish any deficiencies. Unlike taking oral medications or supplements, the absorption rate is higher because the fluids go straight into your bloodstream, bypassing your gut for maximum absorption. This instant delivery of the vitamins and nutrients means that the results can take effect more quickly, making it a popular choice for improving ailments that have us feeling lethargic or exhausted like vitamin deficiencies and dehydration. There seems to be a preconceived notion that it’s mostly for curing hangovers, but in reality our clientele ranges from tired moms to devoted athletes to busy professionals, because so many different people are focused on wellness and have found the benefits of IV therapy.

Why are vitamins so important?

Vitamins are essential because they perform hundreds of roles in the body. They aid in sleep, have direct impact on energy, improve mental function, and bolster your immune system. The thing is, there are some vitamins and nutrients that our bodies don’t produce that are necessary to operate smoothly and others that decrease as we age. And while the best way to get them is through a healthy diet, there are factors that impact their effectiveness like absorption, quality and food source. With so many people living incredibly busy lifestyles, most are not getting the recommended diet, exercise and sleep, which is where we come in.

What can someone expect from an appointment at IVitamin?

Give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment, then sit back and relax in our spa on South Congress. There you will meet with a nurse practitioner who will review your medical history and help you select an IV based on your needs. Our amazing staff of medical professionals that include nurses and paramedics will then administer your IV and monitor your progress. It’s important to note that maximum results are achieved very similarly to diet and exercise — meaning that consistency is key — which is why we offer a monthly membership to receive IV therapy regularly. We also offer mobile services, so if you aren’t able to make it in to see us we are happy to send our mobile team straight to your house, hotel or business!

How is IVitamin helping the Austin community live their best lives?

We all have to stay as healthy as possible to keep up with our busy lives and we deserve to feel our best so we can enjoy it all! The problem is, we can eat right, work out regularly and still be deficient in some of the necessary components imperative to be our best selves. So we took that idea and made it the driving force for IVitamin. We wanted to give people an alternative way of improving their health and let them know that you don’t have to accept not feeling your best as you age. Now anyone has the opportunity to feel their best, be their best and ultimately live their best!

JANA GAVIN, Co-founder IVitamin Hydration Therapy

Doctorate of Pharmacy, University of Houston, College of Pharmacy

Dr. Jana Gavin is a licensed pharmacist with an extensive 20-year resume filled with healthcare and wellness experience ranging from pharmaceutical sales to owning and operating her own pharmacies where wellness and alternative treatments were the focal points of the services offered. She facilitates all clinical and financial aspects of IVitamin including the formulations of the IV drips and the quality and safety of the services provided at IVitamin.

Visit ivitamintherapy.com for more information.

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