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Athletes Count on NAD+ IV Therapy to Achieve Peak Performance
September 17, 2021
NAD+ IV therapy is showing keys to mitochondrial function, longevity and peak athletic performance, making it top athlete’s new, go-to IV therapy. IV therapy, an intravenous medical treatment where fluids are delivered directly into...
Elevate Your Fitness Game like an Athlete with IV Therapy
August 13, 2021
How you prepare for a workout is essential to your performance. You’d never leave your weights or yoga mat at home, so why would you show up without proper hydration? For years, top athletes...
3 Ways IV Therapy Can Help with Cognitive Decline
March 14, 2021
Cognitive decline can be irritating (forgetting where you put your car keys or blanking on an acquaintance’s name), but it can also be frightening as chronic memory loss can be a precursor to dementia....
How The Vessel IV Bar ATX Can Help You Live the Age You Want
October 15, 2020
Research into the human genome has estimated humans have anywhere from 20,000 to 100,000+ genes. With this degree of complexity, it is obvious that each and every human being has numerous genetic variations specific...
Wellness FAQ: Feeling Your Best
February 1, 2020
Jana Gavin is a licensed pharmacist and co-founder of IVitamin, a female-founded IV therapy clinic and spa that offers a varied menu of IV drips, boosters and aesthetics to keep the Austin community operating...
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