Workout of The Month: REGYMEN Fitness

By Sponsored by: REGYMEN Fitness – April 8, 2020

Recently voted “Best New Gym” and “Best Place to Workout (North Austin)” in Austin Fit’s 2019 Best Of Poll, REGYMEN Fitness brings a new take on HIIT training to Austin. Here you’ll find a variety of 60-minute, high-intensity, low-impact group fitness workouts that challenge you to meet your individual fitness goals.

Choose from one of their signature programs — burn, box and build — which include a mix of cardio, strength training, boxing and much more. REGYMEN Fitness offers 90+ unique workouts a month — you’ll never do the same one twice. The energetic and experienced coaches will guide you along the way, help perfect your form and motivate you to reach your full potential. Whether you’re an athlete or just starting on your fitness journey, they invite you to join the REGYMEN Fitness Austin #FitFam community!

Keep an eye out for the newest studios opening in Round Rock and The Grove in Central Austin late 2020. Call today at 512.234.1941 to access the lowest Founder rates, available for a limited time only!


TRX Single-Leg Pistol Squat

Description: Pistol squats are one of the best exercises to help increase lower-body strength and stability.


  • Balance on one leg with a light grip on the TRX handles
  • Squat as low as you can while keeping opposite foot elevated
  • Stand up and drive through the heel to a full standing position 
Kettlebell American Swing

Description: The American swing is a variation of the traditional kettlebell swing, but the end position is above the head, in line with your spine.


  • Holding the kettlebell in both hands, tilt forward to find a hip-hinge position
  • Drive through the heels, and explosively send hips forward to full extension to drive the kettlebell overhead
  • Keep glutes and core tight while maintaining neutral head position 
Boxing-Rear Hook 

Description: Boxing is a great way to develop strength, stamina, power and hand-eye coordination. The rear hook is a close-range power punch that emphasizes rotation.


  • From your guard position, lift the rear elbow as you rotate the hips and back foot for power
  • As your strike comes toward the bag, your elbow is bent at 90 degrees with palm facing down or in toward you
  • Snap the punch when it hits your target, and rotate back to your guard position  
Battle Rope Alternating Waves 

Description: Battle rope alternating waves is a great full-body exercise, where the focus is creating small “waves” that travel the length of the rope.


  • Find an athletic stance — core tight, chest proud, slight bend in knees
  • Quickly raise and lower ropes (alternating)
  • Create power and speed so that waves reach the other end of the rope 
Landmine Single-Leg Lunge to Overhead Press

Description: The landmine provides a fixed plane of motion and allows the movement to be loaded in a unique way.


  • Stand with feet hip-width apart while holding landmine at chest height 
  • Step back into a reverse lunge 
  • Drive through the front foot to starting position, then press the bar straight overhead
Barbell Sumo Squat 

Description: The barbell sumo squat is a compound movement that’s great in developing strength for the inner-thigh and gluteus maximus.


  • Find an open stance (30-45 degree angle) with feet outside of hip width
  • Grab barbell with a shoulder-width grip
  • With a straight back, neutral spine and upright body, drive through the heels to full hip extension
SB Slam 

Description: Using a slam ball is a fantastic way to incorporate a high-intensity, full-body power movement that hits just about every major muscle group.


  • Find an athletic stance — feet shoulder width, knees slightly bent
  • Use legs and shoulders to drive the slam ball overhead
  • Engage your core, chest and legs to forcefully drive the slam ball through the floor in front of your feet
Ski Erg 

Description: The ski erg is one of the best ways to build strength, endurance and power — and it’s completely non-impact.


  • Stand tall while holding handles just above your head 
  • Drive handles down by engaging core and hinging hips before bending knees 
  • Fully extend the arms back, then return to starting position to complete full range of motion 
CorMax Lunge Rotation 

Description: The CorMax trainer is a water- and air-filled bag that creates instability — instrumental in developing balance, core stability and coordination.


  • Hold bag in a “front-racked position” at shoulder height 
  • While keeping good posture, take a large step forward into a lunge position 
  • Maintaining a lunge position, rotate shoulders and CorMax over the knee




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