Austin's Fastest Dog Race

By AFM Team – March 27, 2018


Think you've got the fastest dog in town?


Prove it at the Austin Sunshine Run—race with your pup in the K9 division. Besides bragging rights, the top three male and female runners with dogs will each win a serious stash of Nulo pet food.


Not every race allows dogs, so even if you’re not racing for the title, the Sunshine Run is a stellar outing made for your four-footed friends. Don’t miss it!


Here are a few dogs we’ll be watching on race day:


Bella – Megan and Rory Tunningley

Not yet three years old, Bella’s already a grizzled vet at this race. She took second in the 2016 race as a puppy, and she won in 2017 (dropping a 6:15 final mile).


A year older and fitter, Bella plans on racing this year with her dad. Rory is an ex-UT runner whose 5k PR is 14:15.


But one terrifying obstacle might derail her: storm drains that line downtown streets.


“We’ll do some extra special prep with getting over that weird phobia,” Megan told us. Watch out, Austin!


Hermann – JT Sullivan

“Hermann’s more of a sprinter,” Hermann’s dad JT says, “but we’re training on the Greenbelt to build his endurance.”


A newcomer to the Austin’s Fastest Dog race, Hermann’s inexperience might slow him down. But JT is a former champ (with an older dog). Plus, Hermann’s got an unofficial running pedigree—he was found wandering Hermann Park in Houston by Olympic runner Lennie Waite. Lennie reached out to her network to see if he could be adopted, and JT answered the call.


JT’s confident he could edge out Bella and Rory in a foot race, but “Dog versus dog?” he says, “That’ll be interesting.”


Zola – Aly Mably

Two years ago on Zola’s first trail run, she was so excited that she tripped Aly pretty badly. “I still have some of the scars,” says Aly.


Both Zola and her mom prefer off-roading it (though Aly recently completed the full track of the Austin Distance Challenge), but Zola can still throw down on the roads. “When she’s on a leash,” Aly says, “she definitely has a racing ego and needs to be in front.”


These dogs are ready to roll. Now it’s your turn! Lace ‘em up and get training—the Sunshine Run is May 6, and all races are just $29. The race benefits the Austin Sunshine Camps, which hosts free overnight camps for low-income Austin kids.


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