5 Steps to Starting Your Lifestyle Transformation

By Sponsor: REGYMEN Fitness – October 27, 2021

Making a lifestyle transformation to reach your goals can be daunting to say the least. Committing to doing something new once can be overwhelming, let alone for LIFE. But, finding your best self is not a destination — it’s a journey — and the best way to start is just that, START!

When we were kids, we didn’t just get up and run. Making any long term commitment should be treated exactly the same way. You have to crawl before you walk; walk before you run. Here are a few tips to get you moving in the right direction to developing healthy habits for the long haul and enjoying the process. 


  1. Define your ‘Why’

    If you’re reading this article, it’s likely you already have a goal in mind like losing weight, eating healthier or just leading a more healthful lifestyle. But, WHY? Are you preparing for a 10k? Sick of waking up tired every morning? Wanting to be more active to keep up with your kiddos?

    Everyone’s ‘why’ is different, and it’s not the same as defining the goal. The ‘why’ is the meaning that drives you each and every day to put forth the effort to make changes. Unfortunately, humans aren’t programmed to feel their best every day or have constant motivation. Knowing the ‘why’ behind reaching your goal will help you to get to that 5am workout when you’d rather stay in bed or reach for that banana instead of the candy bar.

    The cool thing about making lifestyle changes is that your goals will continue to shift. You’ll have an abundance of opportunity to reach new personal bests; a multitude of mornings to wake up feeling better than you did yesterday. The ‘why’ is what will keep you motivated as you crush your goals along the way and keep striving for new ones. Remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint!


  2. Start Small

    Being realistic about small changes you can make is the best way to kick off any long term transformation. Starting with 1-2 days at the gym consistently will no doubt help you to start building to 4 or 5 days. Adding one vegetable to your dinner a day will be an easier transition than becoming a vegan overnight. Making smaller, bite-size modifications to your daily lifestyle can help you to capture smaller wins along the longer journey. Celebrate your small wins and define new ones as you grow!


  3. Plan Ahead for Success

    “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success”, said by Alexander Graham Bell. And ain’t it the truth. You wouldn’t head into a big presentation at work without preparing your slides and practicing your speech, so why would you start out on any endeavor without preparing? Seek out a fitness coach to help you learn the basics of strength training if it’s new to you. Carve out some time on Sundays to prepare meals for the week so you’re able to stick to your nutrition plan. Taking a few small steps to prepare you to succeed will put you in a fantastic mindset to make great progress toward your goals.

    Identify areas where you might struggle or where you’ve failed in the past and use them as opportunities to learn, prepare and succeed in the future!


  4. Surround Yourself with Support

    Everyone needs a cheerleader sometimes. Whether it’s a spouse, co-worker or someone you befriended in a group workout. Staying on track and committed to your new lifestyle can feel easier when you know there is someone else in your court that you can lean on. Whoever that person is, hold them tight and reciprocate by letting them know you’re there for them on their journey as well. When motivation is low, sometimes it’s as simple as a ‘you’ve got this’ from that special someone to get you back on track.


  5. The 80/20 Rule

    Most people will not wake up every morning jazzed to eat a balanced meal, hit the gym and settle in for a quick meditation session. Some days that donut is calling to us or staying under the sheets is what our body is telling us is best. And that’s called being a human being.

    Don’t abandon your goals or your ‘why’ because you made a single misstep. Instead, enjoy those moments – the treats, the extra hour in bed, the night out with your friends. Consistency (not perfection) over time is the best way to reach your long term goals and adopt significant lifestyle changes. Aim to stay on track 80% of the time and know that 20% of time, life is going to get in the way. And that’s A-OK! You’re still crushing it!


If you’re looking to make a transformation in your health journey and need a little help getting started, come visit us at REGYMEN Fitness. Our supportive team and community are here to help you start making those small changes to kickstart your transformation and hold you accountable. Give us a follow @regymenfitnessaustin (Instagram or Facebook) or send us a text/call if you’re ready to make some changes and need a partner along the way!

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