Why Islands in the Mediterranean Should be on Your Travel Bucket List

By Sophia Smith – June 30, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has gone on long enough, but it’s not going to last forever. While 2019 and 2020 have been difficult years, 2021 seems to bring promises of more travel, socialization and less stress. Soon, you’ll finally be able to embark on an escapade this summer season, all the while staying healthy and safe

Still, you may choose an adventure that will take you away from the crowds and the bustle of the big cities, which is why today we’re talking all about the magnificent Mediterranean and its countless archipelagos. This year, you may even want to embark on a sailing voyage to some of the Med’s most breathtaking island oases. So, don’t forget to pack your workout equipment, plan out your diet for the trip and let’s take a look at why the islands in the Med should be on your post-COVID travel bucket list!

Because Sicily has the best food

The south of Italy is a very special place in many respects, and needless to say, you do need to plan an Italian escapade at some point — but for now, we are focusing on the islands of the Med. Sicily is a thriving island inhabited before the time of classical antiquity and continues to thrive today through its culture, tourism and unparalleled natural and urban beauties. 

From the breathtaking city of Palermo to the north, around the island and over to Catania and Syracuse, there are many seaside towns where you can drop the anchor and disembark to explore the local culture. If you’re a foodie traveler living a fitness lifestyle and are therefore mindful of what you eat, there’s probably nothing better than enjoying the light Italian cuisine served in Sicily. Get ready to sample some of the finest wines, prosciutto, olives, and seafood in the world.

For Malta’s beautiful nature and historic sites

When people charter a yacht or go on a sailing voyage across the Med in general, they tend to hop from Italy right over to the Adriatic without visiting Malta. Yes, the Adriatic Sea and the beautiful archipelagos of Croatia are next on our list, but not before you sail a little further south to explore Malta’s beaches, ancient culture, cuisine, and much more.

There is plenty to see and do in this popular island country, and you’ll want to take your boat around the main island, but also visit Comino and Gozo, the neighboring islands to the north. Malta is the perfect place to unplug and explore the natural and historic sites, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the many summer festivals and celebrations that you can observe from a safe distance on your yacht if you don’t want to mingle with the crowds.

To immerse yourself in the breathtaking Croatian islands 

Croatia is one of the top travel destinations in the Mediterranean and the pearl of the Adriatic Sea. This country has it all, from the ancient Roman Amphitheatre in Pula to the historic city of Dubrovnik where a scene in Game of Thrones was filmed. However, while everyone else is visiting these busy tourist spots, you want to visit those breathtaking nature cruising grounds away from the crowds, nestled deep in the tranquil archipelagos off the main coast.

The top destinations to visit here on your sailing voyage are the Lastovo Archipelago in southern Dalmatia, Kornati Islands also in Dalmatia, and Brijuni islands in Istria. These archipelagos are imbued with peace and tranquility, and offer some of the most mesmerizing natural settings, complete with honey-hued beaches and the bluest waters you’ve ever seen in your life.

To enjoy great fitness activities in Greece

Sailing south, you’ll reach Greek waters, and venture into the Ionian Sea. Here, you will find the popular islands of Corfu, Lefkada, Kefalonia and Zakynthos, all popular destinations with their unique local charm. These are big islands, and it will take you a while to sail around them and explore what they have to offer.

If you want to stay fit while traveling and sailing the Med and the Greek islands, then consider disembarking at Corfu and Zakynthos to visit a local fitness center where you can enjoy a proper workout. Now that you’re so far into your sailing voyage, use this opportunity to stock up on healthy Greek food like fresh produce, authentic feta cheese, olives and other foodie delights.

For Crete’s and Cyprus’s ancient cultures

You could spend a lifetime exploring and sailing the islands of Greece because after all, it’s estimated that there are as many as 6000 islands in its waters. That’s why you should quickly make your way to Crete and eventually Cyprus because these are the destinations you really shouldn’t miss. Crete is yet another ancient destination, the birthplace of the Minoan civilization, and is an island where you simply must disembark for a cultural journey of a lifetime.

Cyprus, on the other hand, is an island nation located off the southern coast of Turkey where you will find a distinct mix of Greek and Turkish cultures, which of course means that you are in for a foodie adventure. The cuisine here alone is worth the visit, but the island offers a sailing journey to some of the most breathtaking sunset spots you’ll never forget. Truly the best way to finish off your exploration of the Med.

Raise the sails

Sailing the Mediterranean Sea is much more than just visiting its islands, but it’s a fine start. Use this guide to organize an unforgettable sailing journey to some of the most beautiful island destinations the Med has to offer.

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