8 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

By phcompany.com – December 1, 2017


Tis’ the season for stressful holiday travel. However, you can stay fit and healthy with these simple tips!

1. Combine sightseeing with fitness and fit more in
Explore your destination by taking an early morning jog or fast walk, and you’ll cover ground in half the time—and feel better for it!

2. Ask the locals where to eat
The most popular restaurants for tourists often feature food that will leave you feeling bloated and groggy, whereas local eateries typically offer fresher and healthier options. Fuel right so you make the most of your time!

3. Check the hotel facilities 
Most modern hotels have a gym. If not, prepare an equipment-free workout that you can do in your room or, better yet, on the beach! 

4. Stay hydrated 
Drinking plenty of water will support your immune and digestive systems when traveling and exploring. Bring a portable water bottle with you, and refill throughout your trip whenever you have access to clean water. 

5. Do some prep
Pick one meal of the day during your trip that you will plan for each day. This could mean planning to eat poached eggs and fruit from your hotel for breakfast every morning or going to a local health food store for a salad each day for lunch. Simply focusing on one healthy meal during travel can help prevent over-indulging. 

6. Remember the snacks 
Bring some healthy snacks like grass-fed jerky, nuts, and veggie chips so that you can avoid airport or gas station junk food. 

7. Always take your gear with you 
Your workout gear takes up a small amount of space and can be doubled as sight-seeing wear. If you have it, you’ll likely use it to stay active!

8. Choose an active vacation
Booking an adventure vacation with outdoor activities with make sure you return feeling just as good—if not better—than when you left!




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